Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cabinet Cards WOW

On Saturday, my good friend Marg Buhagiar and myself took a class with Keron Lee (Colour Guru) in Melbourne. We both had no idea what we were in for as painting was a thing I do not have much confidence in!!!! And to think painting on a photo horrified us both, not an original photo anyway, we scannned it first he he!

WOW we are both addicted now and Keron was a very talented and giving teacher we couldn't have done it without you Keron thanks again.

Marg's first card was breath taking to say the least, a real work of art, it would make a great christmas gift Marg to a special frined (hint hint!!!)

SO now for the unveiling drum roll please!!!!
Marg's work:

My work:


PS - Hi B1


Dawnie said...

Excellent workshop by the look of things !

love these to bits

Prawnface xxx

Jen Crossley said...

OH Prawnface you would of had a ball
Clown face

bockel24 said...

I love these cab cards! I still need some encouragement to alter mine, too, so maybe I should have a few looks at Keron´s again ... I´m envious that you´ve met her in person.
Great work!

Lady Penelope said...

Hey Jenny, love the blog and the cabinet cards wow! LOVE the middle one :)

Jen Crossley said...

Just pick at picture that you dont like that much then give it ago I would never do a really nice picture to paint on

kelsey said...

Verrrrry nice Jen, absolutely gorgeous... think I'll need a private lesson next time we catch up....2007???? (fingers crossed)


Dot said...

These are really lovely Jenny. You are very talented! Love your Artgirlz pins too.

I buy stuff from Papier Valise a lot and saw lots of your wonderful art on their gallery.

A big whooo hoo for you!


Crozza said...

Dotee Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog you are such a sweetie
Jenny Crossley