Friday, February 9, 2007

Nature Boy

Well I never leave things to the last minute WELL!!! I was making another piece of art work all together when in my stash I found I did have things I could use for a Nature theme for somerset studios up coming theme so!! this is how this piece come to be,as we cant send anything really for nature due to the customs law I had to make the tree up out of cooper wire.

Now lets see if it gets there on time And if it gets in at all.
I will show you the other piece I was working on when I put it back together again!!!


Ps its due the 15th Feb in the USA I posted it today!!!! I know, I know heres hoping


kelsey said...

WOW Jen!!! Love this piece to pieces! Fantastic idea using the copper and I thought the same thing about not being able to send actual "nature" when I read the blurb in Somerset Studios. You've done really well, now let's hope the posties do their bit and get it to them on time! Beautiful rusty frame by the way!

Jen Crossley said...

Thanks kelsey it means alot coming from you.Im really happy with this piece.
You inspired me with the canvas now i have gone into shadow boxes

As I say postie, postie dont go slow be like Elvis go man go!!!

kelsey said...

You're little rhyme reminds me of one that my Aunty used to say when we were approaching a set of traffice lights that were green...."green green the winning team" and they'd stay green for us to sail on through!!! roflmao!!!

Natalie B said...

Hi Jen

Wowza! I'm sure if it doesn't make it in for the Nature theme, that they will still feature this beauty in the next mag!! Wow, so fabulous!!


Gretz said...
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Gretz said...


You work is just outstanding. No wonder Timbo loves your work! If this one doesn't make the cover then there is something seriously wrong!!!


Jen Crossley said...

Thanks Greta that means alot to me ,but I dont think so,If I do its my shout ladies!!!!!

Dawnie said...

Dudette, this is OUTSTANDING
Looking forward to you buying a round JC !
Love the wire tree.Very Excellent (yes said in the flavour of Bill and Ted, plus guitar flick)
Love your style and this such a winner.

DT xx (got the)

Georgie said...

Hi Jenny, I've just checked your site and your work is very creative! I'm pretty impressed!!!LOL


Dot said...

This is amazing work! I am sure Somerset will want to publish it.

The tree looks so realistic too.
You are clever!

Hope the postman got there on time!!

Jen Crossley said...

Thanks Dotee for your kind words I hope the post gets there in time I will let you know if he does!!!!

Debbie Overton said...

Jen, Outstanding Job!! No doubt we will be seeing it in print soon. Debbie

Kelley said...

Fantastic piece! Your blog is very inspiring. I hope to be able to make art like this some day.

r2artstudio said...

I love your nature box. So happy you found things to use, and it still looks like nature. And that's a technique I could never do! I'll keep my finger crossed it will be in the magazine.