Monday, March 12, 2007

Beer Butt !!!

I thought I would share with you all a picture of My Dear sis Linda (well we are not blood related) but we are sisters in every sense of the word.
This photo was taken almost 3 years ago now in Bend Oregon in the good ole USA, Jim, me, Linda and of course dear Missy girl .
Linda and I meet along time ago through the wonderful world of the internet,when I came across her site and saw her beautiful optical necklaces,I asked her some questions about how to do them and she was only all too willing to share her knowledge with a stranger across the other side of the world.That seems like a long time ago now.
My husband Mark and I visited with Linda and dear Jim when we were in the states although we were warned by many people on the way to there place when we told them I was visiting a lady I met on the internet,be careful they might be nuts or Linda might not be a woman but a man possibley the Internet has a lot of loonies out there.
Boy we have all laughed about that since,we had alot of laughs then and to this day about it all.
Linda and I talk all the time,but yesterday when we were talking on the phone I had to check twice with what she said they were having for tea there(she has a strange accent LOL)
Jim was cooking" Beer in the butt chicken" LOL yes its true there is such a thing a can of beer inserted into a chickens butt then sewn in so the juices wont escape then rub the breast with assorted herbs and spices.
Cant wait to eat that next time I come over guys,and I thought us Aussies were strange.


Gretz said...

oww Crozzy that sounds a bit sexy rubbing the breasts with herbs LOL.

I wonder if someone else we know in the States is a good cook????


Jen Crossley said...

your so bad Gretski

Linda Lynch said...

Hay, that chick was wonderfull! I would love to make that for you, Mark and the kids. Guess you guys just need to get your b---,(well you know what I mean) over here. A good bottle of wine comes with it.

Jim Lynch

Jim Lynch said...

Because of you I now have a goggle accout so I post a message with my name,not Linda's. So thank for the push.

Linda Lynch said...

Thanks for sharing our crazy American ways with your Aussie friends Jen! Seeing the picture of all of us sure makes me miss you even more. Gotta get over here and see me soon! XXXLinda