Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Beer In the Butt Cont:

Well you asked for it the uncut version of beer in the Butt chicken!!! This Picture should come with a "R" rating and a parental guidance warning.
This was not a stage picture Linda just took a photo of it to show me.

For your information :Guess which one is Jim???
He is the one on the left of course Hot N Spicey and as a little bird told me the one with the hangie downie bit!!!!
I will never look at Linda and Jim the same way again LOL.
Now if you dont mind I have to go and change my undies I have never laughed so much in my life


Linda Lynch said...

See if I ever send my Aussie Sis another picture! It is called Blackmail! LOL! Just a lot of good fun laughter! Silly Americans! I do quarantee it tastes GREAT!

Georgie said...

This looks so funny! LOL

Julie van Oosten said...

Jen are these TWIN chooks????
MMMM what time do ya want us over for dinner? JVO