Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Beach Babe

Last night I whipped up this Beach Babe canvas. I had been away for easter and with no art supplies for 4 days I was getting toey and was bustin to make something,I bought this picture at a market of the Little girl In her wool bathing suit knitted and all !!!

I had also bought a swimming book from a antique shop for $2 what a bargain.The canvas I painted and used texture paste although you cant see much of it after I added everything.

And here is the result I hope you like it, love those 7 gypsies handles or as I call them toilet roll holders LOL

Ps Hope your happy JVO the blog is updated Hee hee


Debbi Baker said...

Hi Jen - Another fantastic collage - just love the bathing suit. I loved your bike shadowbox too. You must have some special honing instinct when it comes to interesting doodads and ephemera! PS And it is not just JVO that wants you to blog more often!! Ciao, Debbi B

Natalie B said...

Yep ditto with JVO and Debbi B... always love to see more of your yummy work!! The little girl is just so cute!! Would love to know where you source your 7 Gypsies handles from. They are just fab. Take care Natxx

kelsey said...

I concur with the other two Crozz...blog more please ;-) Another wonderful arty piece from you, LOVE that little shovel! Bet it looks great in real life.

Linda Lynch said...

Jen, your American Sis loves to see more of your work too! Great collage, love the little girl and also LOVE the "mum" or "grammy" with the dress bathing suit! Reminds me of my great aunt I loved so dearly. The shovel is just the best!

Georgie said...

Well done, Jen! Your aussie sis loves it too! You really do the most beautiful things. You have a great imagination