Friday, June 1, 2007

Brisbane bound

Well Im Brisbane bound to teach on the 22,23,24th June 2007.
I'm looking forward to it,the lovely and talented Vanessa Henry is helping me out with all the bookings and arrangements thanks so much Ness couldnt do it without you.
The classes will be a Keyhole necklace, and Junkaux box on Friday night.

Saturday Im doing the Arch book and the new House book by collections I cant wait for that one.

Sunday arvo will be the November house which is already posted on the last blog entry

Brisbane or bust


Judy said...

How nice for you but more importantly for your students to learn from one so talented. I bet your class will be full of fun and laughter too. Just love those houses of yours.

Teresa Abajo said...

Hi Jen,
I just adore these new samples - when are you going to teach them here in Melbourne? I've got an eager bunch of girls who would love to do your classes.
Are you really Heather's sister?
Lots of love,

Gretz said...

Nice classes Jenny, but what about the girls you have to live near? What are we? chopped liver??

When are we going to get classes? I guess Tassie is port of call?

i think I better start using my fly buys card so I can attend one of your classes

Natalie B said...

How exciting for you Jen!! Gorgeous work and I would love to attend one of your classes. If you ever make it over to WA to teach, let me know!!

Gail said...

Great classes Jen, shame about the location, just a bit too far to attend

kelsey said...

Gorgeous pieces once again Jen. Particularly love the house book with the jump rings....beautiful!

Nat's right....when are you coming over here to teach????hmmmmm????? I know Jules would LOVE to have you stay with her!

Jen Crossley said...

Hm Perth sounds great .If you can get enough people I will come okay and Im not forgetting the Melbourne girls!!!
I think I have hit a hornets nest there gretski LOL

PS Thank you all for your kind words about my work its great to work with great products (Collections) thanks JVO Australian made and owned since 1875

Rika said...

Gorgeous work!

Sharon said...

What a real treat to discover your blog. Your work is so inspirational - absolutely fantastic!!! :D

Gisele said...

Love these class samples Jen....just wish I was in Brisbane to be able to attend!
Cheers for your lovely messages on my blog & Max is still doing ok thanks :)

Julie van Oosten said...

Hi Jen, love EVERYTHING that you have done with the Collections products, you are so amazing! Please come to Perth to teach I know the girls will be lined up to take your classes!!!! Or how about come over for the ATC day and have some R&R from your busy schedule!

Might see ya soon Crozza,

JVO xxxoooxxx

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the necklaces Jen and the books, they look sooo good. Good luck with the class in Brisbane

Gypsy Purple said...

Absolutely stunning!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is simply stunning! i saw some of your pieces at jvo's place last week and i loved them all.. :o)