Monday, January 14, 2008

Whats wrong skip? Fire at the old crossley's ranch

" What’s that Skip?" Sonny says "Fire at the old Crossley ranch!!!!!"
For all you Aussie's out there you know the famous "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo" show from the 70's. Skippy was the equal to you guys in the states of "Lassie" the famous Dog who could do anything, Skippy was the same. It could deliver messages and undo things with his/her paws.
Well as the heading said yes we had a fire at our home on Sunday morning, our TV bust into flames with in minutes of my daughter turning it on.
We were lucky as I tried to contain it with wet towels before two fire trucks arrived to put it out.
It was very frighting, but my two children were wonderful, one calling for the fireman, one getting me wet towels and turning off the power it could have been alot worse.
The smoke was just awful as it went through the
Whole house thick, black toxic fumes from the burning TV. Now the mess to clean up thank goodness for insurance so far new carpets and painting the whole house will be install for us here. This makes me think how lucky I am to have my wonderful children; Matthew with his chronic Lung disease is having problems with the smell and has to stay in one room as the rest just STINK. He said to me last night as I was putting him to bed Mum today is 12 months since I was diagnosed with Diabetes.
It makes me think and thank my lucky stars, it puts things into prospective, in the misted of today cleaning up ash he had a diabetic Hyper and it was so bad he went blue ,Nicole and I both thought he was going into a coma but court him in time.
“Life is too short to sweat the small stuff” a wise man once told me that (T!M) and its true
Take care
Ps.Thank you Dawnie You made my Day with a much needed laugh when all was down.


Gretz said...

Oh Jen that's terrible - I spose you have to look on the bright side - no one was hurt and at least the insurance will fix the damage - yeah new TV! Oh my goodness it could have been so much worse had Nicoles room caught alight - or the dinning table! (for the uniniated these are Jen's craft areas)


Take care my Friend....

Jen Crossley said...

Your right Greta I had to save my craft area You will be glad to know not one Craft item was hurt during the great fire of 2008 at the old Crossley Ranch LOL

wendy vecchi said...

How terribly scarry!! Glad that you were home & got it under control and that no one was injured.
TAKE CARE!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

I'm so glad you had it under control so quickly - the smell is horrific , but the kids are ok and you've still got a roof over your head. And of course the craft table is safe lol. With the gorgeous art you create , losing that would have been such a tragedy!
Be well!

azirca said...

OMG! that's awful! Thank goodness no-one was hurt.
So sorry to read about Mathew, I hope that he okay now.
Take care of all of you.

Julie van Oosten said...

Hey Crozza, so glad your kids are quick thinking and on the ball. Still sounds like there was still a huge damage done to your home, not to mention how traumatic having a fire in you home can be. Your kids are heroes for averting what could have been a disaster. I am so grateful you are all safe and well. Hey I often have gone out with the TV on (leave it on so looks like someone is home kinda thing!)well not anymore! Thinking of you, Mark and the kids. Julie

Gail said...

Ditto what everyone else has to say Jen, just glad noone was hurt.
Was it a plasma TV or a normal one, I have heard they are known to have problems.

Linda M. Cain said...

So glad an angel was watching over you and your family. We had a fire in our microwave and the smell was into everything! What a mess. Bless your kids little hearts for quick thinking! Mathew, you are a real TROUPER!

Natalie B said...

Hey Jen,

When I saw the heading I had a giggle at the memories of Skippy, but then I read on and my laughter soon stopped. So sorry to hear about the fire in your home, but like you say, thank god for insurance and thank god for quick thinking kids. Am also very glad nobody was hurt and I do hope you can get your home painted and fresh again, so that your son Matthew can move around freely.

Take care and thinking of you

Julie H said...

Dawnie told me about your dreadful fire. How scary. I am so glad you all survived without burning. Your poor son, I hope the smell goes soon so he can brethe easier.

kelsey said...

I too had flashbacks about watching Skippy and how we never questioned that they knew what a kangaroo was "saying"...then I thought you might've been caught up in the recent fires over East...but no, it was an INTERNAL fire...scarey!!!!

Luckily it was all under control relatively quickly, with such a potential for big disaster that fire can are right to thank your lucky stars. Lotto ticket coming up??? lol

Enjoy your new carpet and tv when they arrive and give Matthew a big hug for being so calm!

I thought the quote was "don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff"??? hahahaha

Donna Gotlib said...

WOW! Bless your heart. What a terrible experience. I just visited your blog for the first time and read your story. Oh my.
I will say a prayer for your child who has lung disease and hope all will be well very, very soon.
-Cookie Sunshine

Kim Logan said...

Jen, how awful for you, thank goodness you were there, it must have been very scary for your children, sounds like quick thinking all round saved the day..!!

Deb said...

How terrible - but glad your family came through it ok... huge hugs coming to you all from chilly and snowy Massachusetts! xox Deb

Ro Bruhn said...

Gosh Jen, what a night mare. So glad you and you're family are OK. I hope your son recovers quickly. Glad to hear your art area survived too. We live in a very high bush fire prone area and you forget that the majority of fires start from inside the home, not outside. We're always anxious about the outside.
Take care

Janine Davies said...

Hi Jen.... so glad to hear that everyone is ok.... what amazing kids you have! Hope Mathew is doing better. xo

Joanne said...

OMG! Thank Goodness everyone is ok, well done to Matthew and Nicole. It's hard to believe but we do take everyday things for granted (TV's included). I was thinking of you when we heard there were bushfires near Ballarat, never thinking you had your own fire INSIDE the house! And exactly where was the soldering iron at the time.....??LOL. I hope all the insurance and clean up works out OK. Sarah had a fire at her primary school many years ago and some areas (inside hall toilets) still smell of smoke. Take special care Matthew.

Shirley McCutcheon said...

Hi Jen!
I am so glad all turned out ok, but how frightening for you.
take care,

Judy said...

OMG Jen!
So glad everyone is ok!
I feel sick about it but yes it sure does put everything into perpective - (now you will definately have to come to art and soul to do my class - lol!!!!
Let me know if I can do anything to help you.

lklight said...

Glad to hear that you're OK & thanks for your comment.
Hey, did you ever put the "smile" necklace up for sale? I'm still very interested in it.

Kathy said...

OMG Jen, I'm so glad you're all ok. It must have been such a scary thing, what great kids you, staying calm and helping. How's it going now, have you managed to get the smell out of the house?

Gillian said...

Wow Jen, so glad you are all ok, what a scarry thing to happen.
Amazing how in control kids can be in scarry situations sometimes.
Hope your home is soon back to normal for you all.

Rachel Greig said...

Wow Jen, what a scare! Lucky that you are all ok though, and hope the smell goes away soon for your son's sake!

Unknown said...

Hi Jen,
guess Judy and I won't be coming over to watch T.V. at your house next week...that's ok you won't be able to use my laptop. sorry about the fire, but it looks like you have everything in the right perspective. worry about whats for the rest...its just life's little mozzies (nice Aussie term, huh). Looking forward to meeting you in person next week. Thanks for the post and see you soon,

Inka said...

I don’t know how I missed this post! How awful for your family but as you said it could have been worse. Thank goodness you all are safe :)

Night Owl Designs said...

I'm so glad you and your family are safe Jen!

Linda B said...

gosh I am so behind on my blog hopping, I am glad that the fire wasn't worse and good on you for being such a trooper for your kids :)

Gaby Bee said...

I just read your story about the fire. How terrible, Jen! I'm glad you are all ok. I'm so sorry to read about Mathew. I hope he is now doing better!