Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Awards ,etched in stone??

Awards and Etched In stone a mixed heading there girls.
First lets get down to the etching my passion at the moment LOL This is a little note pad I have just finished.
I etched the top section and thanks to the wonderful stephanine lee's book I made a project something like she had in her book(no Im not getting a commission from this book its just so great thats all.
I then used cooper mesh and wired the bottom bit for a different effect,another amazing tin photo and embellishments and Bob's your uncle so to speak.
Im going to add chain to the top so I can wear it.I also used old leather on the back of the book.

I received this a couple of weeks ago and haven't had the time to do what was required once you received it, but here goes . There is nothing like the warm fuzzy feeling that someone likes what you do and that I do inspire others to create. Thanks
Dear Audrey,
Stephi,an Anne LeToux and Carolyn this award it means alot to me that you would think of me.
Here's how it works.Who gets the “Brilliante Webblog Award“?Websites and blogs of your choice for their designs that are especially noteworthy.Here are the Award Rules:
1. The winner can take the logo.
2. Place a link to the person that send you the award.
3. Give the Award to at least 7 other Creative-Blogs, which by its currency,the issues of choice and for their designs are especially noteworthy.
4. Put a link to these sites on your Blog.
5. Write a comment on their Blogs that they’ve won an Award.So here goes and in no particular order some of the artists and their blogs that inspire me and who are very generous in sharing their passion with us all.
1. Azirca


Gail said...

Love it Jen!!! When's the class, I have just ordered the book from Stephnie.

Gaby Bee said...

Wow, your new artwork is spectacular, Jen! Just when I think you do the most beautiful piece, you come up with another. LOVE, LOVE this piece!

Thank you so much for this award! You are so kind to compliment me in such a way. I'm really honored.
Congrats on your award!
I wish you the best of days and a great upcoming weekend.

Julie van Oosten said...

Hey Jen the little book is just so adorable, thanks for sharing...

Judy said...

Ahhhhh now this one is a beauty too -love the detail in this piece!
Thanks for the award lovey.

Unknown said...

Je passe souvent admirer votre blog, hélas, je ne parle pas anglais ou si peu, j'admire en silence.

Je vous ai nominée ici :

je suis fan à 100% de votre talent.

lindacreates said...

This is great Jen! You are on a great roll. Stephanie's book is awesome, no doubt about that. I love all of the detail in your piece.

kelsey said...

What a wonderful piece of artwork Jen! Love the beautiful colouring and depth of the piece and a big THANKYOU for the award!

Sarah said...

Simply divine Jen, love your etchings...

NessH said...

I can see another trip north coming up Ms the how many do we want in a class for that..haha..we all miss u up is warm during the day..t-shirt and shorts warm..does that intice you??

Ro Bruhn said...

This is fabulous Jen, I have Stephanie's book, I just haven't got around to working from it yet, I keep seeing all of your things and get very inspired

Night Owl Designs said...

Love your notebook Jen, it's really stunning :-)

Linda M. Cain said...

VERY Cool! I love pen nibs!
Linda Cain

Viola said...

What a wonderful piece again, Jen! Just gorgeous!!

azirca said...

oohh stunning piece Jen, that etching really has you hooked, it sounds addictive. You'll have to pop on over and show me how it's done!

Thanks so much for the award, I'm honoured.

Kim Logan said...

A gorgeous little project Jen,got to love that etchant chemical, its fab..!

Shirley McCutcheon said...

Simply amazing! I just love your style!!

Lost Aussie said...

Thanks for the recent comments on the LostAussie blog Jen!
Your new etchings are great and I love the notebook cover you've created - beautifully executed!
hugs a bunch


OMG Jen that note book is just ever so beautiful.Etching metal with Stazon and Etchant sounds like something I would like to do...where do you buy the book as my tax is back soon :o).Thanks also for the award Jen but right back at you with you being my inspiration :o)

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

Beautiful piece of artwork !

Jacky said...

I've just ordered Stephanie Lee's book and am going to do two of her classes at the Creative Soul Retreat.... cannot wait.
Love seeing what you are inspired to make after reading the book!

Sam Marshall said...

Soooo e(t)nchanting and congratulations.

Susan Tuttle said...

I am totally digging this piece of artwork -- it really speaks to me!


Karen Cole said...

Great piece, Jen. Stephanie is a great teacher. I've taken a few workshops with her. I could never have accomplished what you did with a book. Amazing!