Friday, July 11, 2008

Honey I'm Home

Honey, I’m Home!
Hi guys, I’m finally home well I have been for nearly two weeks now.
I had a fantastic time in America, it was so great to get to spend some time with my American sis Linda and her husband Jim in Coeur D Alene Idaho, Mark and I were living the American dream, beautiful home, food and company.

I had so many packages by the time I got to Linda’s place, I thought it was Christmas LOL.
Here is a piece Linda bought for me a few Christmas ago, but cos' of the size I told her I would pick it up when I was over there it is about one metre, tall and is an old metal stamp this is only part of it.
Linda also had moved this little beauty for me with some of her house moves, an old optical lenses box.
Jim wanted to know why I would want a piece of “Junk” like this. Men ey? LOL.
I took over something I made for Linda years ago. Here she is holding it a wool embroidery in 3d it is a daffodil picture which symbolize cancer.

Linda has been such an inspiration to me in life through her art. When we first met and after having spent more time with her, this visit and talking more about her health issue’s with Ovarian cancer. Now nearly 10 years on, I realized how sick she really was and it is indeed a miracle she is here at all, but with her positive out look on life I’m so grateful she is here, she is a very special lady. We have become so close and I cryed alot leaving her at the airport,to go to LA,life is so precious I think we all shouldnt take to for granted.
Jim didn’t forget he promised to cook me beer in the butt chicken and I must say after I stopped laughing and rolling around on the floor at it on the BBQ it was very yummy. Thanks Jim

I spent heaps as the supplies were so cheap. I loved going to Ace hardware, Habour freight and Lowe hardware, I love a good tool as you all know.
Since I have been home I have been doing some Metal etching I will share with you next blog update.
Take care
Ps Thank you to all that wished me a Happy Birthday and a wonderful trip I had both.
Ps check out Linda's Blog she has some awesome Pictures of our trip


Eva said...
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Eva said...

Welcome back Jen ... again!

Beer in the Butt Chicken? Now there's one I'm not so sure about - 'finger lick'n good'?

When in Canada a few years back - I had 'Beaver Tail' ... which freaked me out - till I was served a pancake/sweet type thing - lol ( I got set-up!).

Touch base soon(ish) .... and - looking forward to your class in September!


PS: I messed up my first post - hence the deletion ... I'm hopeless!

Sarah said...

Hi Jen

Glad to see you had a wonderful time. Glad you are back safely!!! Cant wait to see your new work!! Missed you

Love sarah xxx

NessH said...

Hi Jen
glad to have you are ours remember..haha..can't wait to see your new work..and yes the chickens look so funny..I would have laughed as well.

Julie H said...

Umm...I have to confess to feeling sorry for those chickens - no digity there.
The shopping is another story.. and what a precious story of friendship. I love the fact you have conquered distance and kept gifts for so long.

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

You had me in suspense!
I was just hanging on until your next blog post!
Linda looks fantastic, and you both look so happy!

I cannot imagine what that chicken tasted like, but it is making me laugh, just looking at it too!

Amber Dawn

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

PS, It looks like Linda is wearing the same pair of Sketcher's velcro strap shoes that I just bought myself two days ago!
*big smile*
Linda is so hip!

lindacreates said...

Well Jen, glad to see you posting again! I sure do miss you and Mark. What a wonderful time we all had. I will be posting more of the fabulous gifts you brought me and more pics on my blog. You posted about the worst pics of me! I have a great one of Jen stuck on the scooter, so be sure and check my blog out! It is "SHOCKING~!" We definitely shopped till we dropped and the chicken is DELICIOUS! Jen didn't just laugh, she got hysterical and had the rest of us hysterical!!!!!
My gosh I sure miss her!

Linda M. Cain said...

so glad you two had such a great time, and glad you made it home safe and sound. Have yet to fix a chicken that was, but have heard it's great!
Start creating!
Linda Cain

Jamie Noel said...

Hi Jen!
You left me a comment a while back and I am just now responding. Shame on me! The photo of your optical lense case just cracked me up. That would be a priceless treasure to me and my husband (like yours) would be horrified. We have a joke in our home that my husband makes a face like a scred horse when i come trompin gin from an antique fair or thrift shop. You know when horses heads are restrained but their eyes get huge and they are trying with all their might to stay calm? Yep, that's the look he gets. (Love, prayers, and positive thoughts going out to your dear friend from me and my fam.)

Jamie Noel said...

okay that should say: "like a scared horse when I come tromping in from an antique fair." How I got to talking about a scred horse and gin is beyond me... I don't even drink.

Jo Wholohan said...

welcome home jen!!!!

Dawnie said...

Welcome home CHICKA !So happy you had a wonderful time and I loved all the pics (even the chickens,lol)Will check out Lindas blog.

Dawnie XXX

azirca said...

Yay! for shopping and buying loads of goodies. Can't wait to see what creations you make with your new supplies.
It's so lovely to see you and Linda together, what a beautiful friendship the two of you have.

Debbi Baker said...

Welcome back Jen!! So glad you had a great time - trust you to do lots of shopping!! We missed you.

Sarah said...

You really must tell me how that beer butted chook tastes next we chat.LOL So nice to hear about your dear friendship with Linda.. So glad she is going great now... Catch up with you this week..

Julie van Oosten said...

Hey Jen, great to have you home safe and sound. I will be back myself tomorrow!!!

Judy said...

Welocme home deary - you were missed. Hows the shopping - we'd be bloody millionaires if we lived in the USA.

Ro Bruhn said...

Welcome home Jen, I'd love to look in your suitcase, I bet there were some treasures in there. Can't wait to see what you bought. Happy belated birthday too.

Sharon said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time, Jen. You look so happy in the photos. :)

Can't wait to see your creations!

Deb said...

Glad you're home all safe and snuggly! The chicken? You know the best past is drinking the little bit from the can before you cook... like we need to cook 50 chickens at once - lol!! xox

Night Owl Designs said...

Welcome back Jen! Shall look forward to reading more about your trip (and seeing photos of your art goodies!)

Night Owl Designs said...

Me again Jen! Just letting you know I've given you a couple of awards on my blog. Happy creating! Sephi

Lorri said...

I'm an Aussie, so I should know about "Beer in the Butt chicken"..!! But I don't - please enlighten me, it does sound kind of curious LOL
So glad you enjoyed your time with your Sister.
Great blog, thanks for sharing.

Lorri xo

Sam Marshall said...

So nice to hear about your fabulous trip. Love those chickens!!!!

Caroline Moore said...

sounds like you had a fabulous time - I want to go somewhere now ;-0 Pleez pleez wear goggles when etching, I have only just got my eyes back to normal after 2 full weeks of creams and drops. I splashed a very tiny drop of the etchant solution in my eyes and have really suffered with them. I cant wait to see what you do though.