Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy Times

Hi everyone
I have had a busy but a very rewarding couple of weeks.
I had my class last weekend with the extremely talented Keith Lo bue in Halls gap in the Grampians in Victoria, My friend Chris came over fromPerth and we went junking on the first day over 26 klm and 2000 stalls of a car swap meet. It produced lots of finds, a type writer, tools, a Metal number set 1mm I have never seen them that small. We shopped till we dropped then headed off for Halls gap for Saturday/Sundays class.
Here is a picture of these cool units we stayed in we had visitors of ducks, geese, kangaroos, and beautiful bird life out our door every day.

I have also had the pleasure to be featured on Creative Therapy as a guest artist; I was thrilled to be featured. You can check it out here
Thanks so much for this Karen.

I also received my copy of the” Jewelry the Zine” by Catherine Witherall and Deryn Mentock.
Catherine approached me to submit a article and I’m thrilled and honored to be accepted .You can see my page in the zine
Here is a picture of a piece I made for the zine I have been holding off showing until it was published.
Check out Catherine blog for details they are a limited edition,they are excellent lots of articles.

A necklace made from a keyhole Tin photo and with the help of my love of rivetting wings are added on The back had been etched.

Old Keyholes found at a junk sale ,turned into jewelry


Sam Marshall said...

Hi Jen,
Your necklace with the key and wings is SPECTACULAR!!! Love it. The key holes look so cool, too. All your work is amazing.Congratulations on your special feature too.

NessH said...

Super there nothing you can't do...pls remember us little things when you are flitting around the world signing autographs and creating world wide...remember I went thru all those toll gates for you!!!haha..seriously congrats..the necklaces are just beautiful

Gaby Bee said...

I'm always so taken by your jewelry. The necklace with the key and wings is to die for, Jen. Love all the little details. The key holes are fabulous also. You are so clever.
Congrats on your special feature :-))
Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!
Gaby xo

lindacreates said...

Great jewelry Jen! I would expect nothing but the best from you! How exciting to be part of the zine. I am so happy you are able to attend all of these great workshops. You deserve it. Linda

Sarah said...

Hey Jen

Congrats on your featured Artist and your piece in the publication you are so inspiring!!!
Amazing as always

Big Hugs Sarah xx

Linda M. Cain said...

Fabulous, Fabulous work!!!! Congratulations to a terrifically inspiring artist! It's so heart warming to see your work in print.
Keep it up, girl!!
Your Friend in ART,

Deb L. said...

Oh wowser Jen!!!! Huge congrats on
the article... you know how much I adore your jewelry. The workshop sounds like paradise ~ complete with kangaroos... what fun! Am offf to check out Creative Therapy. Hope all is well with you, dear friend. Think of you often!! xox Deb

Gillian .... said...

Hi Jen .. your new artwork is amazing, the keyholes look so cool, congratulations on your special features, very well deserved:)

Sanja said...

Congratulation on your special feature !:-)
Your necklace is brilliant.

Susan Tuttle said...

CONGRATS on your zine article and interview!!! -- i will check out the interview!

what an incredible experience -- class with Keith and junking to boot. Now that is heaven.


Karen Cole said...

Oh my.......I am SO loving these keyhole necklaces. You are amazing.

CONGRATS on the zine. It looks beautiful.

kelsey said...

These are just fantastic Crozz!!!!! Big congrats on the feature in the mag too - you just SO deserve it as your work is amazing!

Colour me green!!! Susan Tuttle left a comment on your blog!!! Well, at least I have Michelle Ward on mine....hahahahahahaha

See you in a couple of weeks pal-o'mine ;-)

Kim Palmer said...

Congrats on the article Jen, the jewelry is fabulous. The keyholes are just great. All that and junking, wow a weekend in heaven!

azirca said...

Oh Jen, your jewellery pieces are stunning.
Congrats on your best artist feature, and also the zine that is great!

Joanne said...

Congratulations - again - Jen! Your Keyhole jewellery is divine!

Lady Di said...

Wow, your work is fabulous. Congrats on being published, you must feel so good about it. Well deserved. I would be in heaven to find a car boot sale / swap meet near us.

Seth said...

Congratulations on both counts! Just wonderful.

Stephani Gorman said...

Jen, I am so glad I found your blog! Your work is just amazing ! I have to get a copy of Zne. Congratulations... , Stephani

BrigitteG said...

Hello Jen !!
wowww this is totally aweeesome love it love it love it ;)
(i've always known your beautiful work of art and only now... discovered your blog through Jill's) so thankful for this !! your work is soo inspiring and sooo beautiful, thank you for sharing this with us :)
Hugs from the Blue Mountains :)

Lost Aussie said...

Lovely new work you have posted Jen. Sounds like your junkhunting paid off big time!
Congrats on your feature in Catherine's zine too! Lovely

jo horswill said...

Hi Jen, your trip away sounded great!!!
Love where you stayed and all that incredible jewellery!!! Jo :)

Jacky said...

Congratulations on your piece being published... it is a wonderful piece Jen!
Another class with Keith...lucky you!
Look forward to catching up next week at the retreat!!!

rivergardenstudio said...

I love your necklace with the key hole! And what an amazing place you got to stay in... I love your enthusiasm for life! Roxanne

Diane said...

Jen, your contribution to the zine was one of my favorites!
I love yor keyhole necklace, very cool! I would enjoy taking a class from Keith LB. Maybe one day =)

Night Owl Designs said...

Your necklace is beautiful Jen. grats on getting it published! And I LOVE your keyholes :-) Great find!

Maide said...

...what a great art work you do !!!
Your necklaces are realy stunning and its pure inspiring to see all the lovely details you work with.

Will follow your blog in future :-)

Greetings from germany