Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hot in the city

Hot in the city, it certainly was yesterday it reached 46 c yesterday hot strong winds. I was teaching 7 willing and able girls yesterday how to etch. A big Thank You to Gail for having us there at her nice and cool place and to the girls who came I know it was a big ask in the heat. I hadn’t taught etching in a class form yet so yesterday was a learning experience which was a great one. You always worry about acids being spilt etc, but it went off great.Great company as well.

Alot of New products were used yesterday featuring the new "Crozzanator 1000" and" 2000 model" made its debut there ,they will be available soon with bonus sound track featuring the talented voice stylings of "The Tamarisk" playing the drill noise,( you had to be there the heat does strange things to my brain lol)

My students from the left back row
front row Teresa (Playing the drill voice) Me,and Liz.
Thanks girls for a wonderful day.Its always great to see you all

Here is Teresa's wonderful piece the etching on hers was amazing .
Check out Teresa blog to see a better details also Liz has photos on her blog of the day

The girls finished articles all individual in there own unique ways

On a sad note
Here in Victoria yesterday we had horrendous fires in the states so far 131 people have lost there life’s. With the death toll to rise as well as 750 homes lost to fires.
There are still many fires burning out of control. The strong winds and the heat made for the worst fires in Victorias history they are saying today. We do have a cool change today down to 18 c crazy isnt it.
My heart goes out to them all.


Sam Marshall said...

Hi Jen,
Your pieces are fantastic!!! Just love looking at your beautiful work. The pieces produced in your class look amazing.

So sad to hear about the devastion caused by the fires.

Julie van Oosten said...

Wow Jen your work is so amazing I bet the girls loved every minute of it.

We have been watching the news about the fires and it is so sad.

Stephani Gorman said...

Thank-you so much for stopping by my blog!:)
Your work is awesome! I enjoyed visiting Your blog and I will be back soon!
Sorry to hear of the terrible fires and loss of life! Stephani

Ro Bruhn said...

Great work Jen, I don't know how you managed to work in all that heat and the worry of fires. We were on tenter hooks all day, it was so surreal. All the work looks fabulous.

NessH said...

Jen looks like another class that you have experimented on those Vic can come back to Brisbane to teach guys look like you had a ball..
The fires are such a sad thing..I am glad u are ok...the Crossleys have been on my mind..

lindacreates said...

The class looks like it was a great success! The necklaces look fantastic, which of course is a reflection on their teacher. Sure wish I had been there to take a class from you! How wonderful!
On a sad note, so sorry about the loss of life in the fires. The heat and winds sound horrific.

Judy said...

glad you are ok and that you all didnt melt. class looks great

Chrisy said...

Pleased that you got to do a lovely arty project with lovely arty people...yes it's certainly been a black time down there...stay safe...

Lady Di said...

I'm loving those etching pieces, just gorgeous. You must be some teacher to bring the best out of your students.

What's that ... come back to Brissy? Must have missed that one! I'm on the Gold Coast, so will have to keep my eyes open for when you come back!

My heart also goes out to all those families who have lost in the fires.

Gaye Todd said...

Looks fantastic Jen.... i agree with Ness.... you should come back to Brisbane and teach the Qld girls!

Keeping everyone in my thoughts with regards to the fires!

Kim Palmer said...

Jen, I'm sooo jealous, I love your etchings, LOL, almost sounds rude! I can't believe you were so productive and creative in that horrendous heat. The fires are a huge worry and my heart goes out to all those people in the region. My own father is a volunteer fire fighter and is out fighting the fires as we speak! Thinking cooler and safer thoughts for all!

Sarah said...

Jen your etchings are fabulous. I bet all the girls had a fantastic time learning from a master..And your such a brave soul travelling in that heat too. Terribly sad about the fires, it just keeps get worse.

Lost Aussie said...

The results fro your etching class look Fab Jen! Well done inspite of the crazy can send some of it over here.

Deb L. said...

We have been watching the news about the tragic fires... our hearts go out to you all.
What wonderful necklaces were made in your class! I think you should plan a little trip here to New England to teach it too!!! Your bed is waiting ! xox Deb

rivergardenstudio said...

I bet your teaching is as great as your beautiful art work. I need to take a new class! I am so sorry about the fires and the world is thinking of you... Roxanne

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

amazing work !! I would like to have a class with you !!

Jo Wholohan said...

LOVE these little book pendants jen, i wanna do a class :))

thinking of you all with these fires, just devastating xx

Gillian said...

oh your class must have been Wonderful! I'd s love to join in one of your classes one day :)

my heart cries for all those caught up in these dreadful fires, I'm praying for soaking rain!

Lorri said...

Jen, These are so awesome!
Everyone did so well, they all look fabulous!
I would love to see a 'closer' picture to see the detail :)
So sad about the fires, I'm hoping all our art buddies are safe and well.

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

I logged in just to check in on you after seeing the fires on the news...
Glad you are OK!

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Your work is always absolutely beautiful, Jen, and I would love others to be able to enjoy it as much as I, and so many others do. Please go to my blog and I hope you feel the same.

This is a gorgeous art piece! I feel so badly that you are experiencing these dreadful fires and the terrible results in your country...God Bless.

ginny said...

I love these little bits of artistic goodness.
I am so sad about the fires there. Glad you are safe.

Gillian .... said...

Hi Jen,

Love your new artwork and the etchings are magnificant, sounds like a wonderful class. What a contrast in weather temps - it's minus 4 here today. My thoughts are with those families who have suffered at the hands of the raging fires.

Leslie said...

These etched pieces are wonderful!

So sorry to hear about the devastating fires.

Viola said...

Looks fabulous, Jen! Wish I could take a class from you too! All your artwork is so amazing!

Unknown said...

Hopefully I will get to take another class form you Nina. I so love everyting you touch!!!!

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