Friday, March 20, 2009

Creative soul retreat 2009

Well the party is over three days of wonderful classes are now only a memory I will always treasure.
This is a view from my class room I had everyday,the venue was amazing and the birds that we looked out on to everyday were just so beautiful.
A huge Thank you to Bevlea,Eva and Lucy for there wonderful retreat they were just amazing,and worked so hard to make to run so smoothly.

My amazing teacher Stephanie Lee what can I say her knowledge and patience was awesome.I learnt so much from her,soldering,jump rings,an amazing book which I will share with you when I just do the finishing touches.

Thanks so much Steph for everything,and putting up with my warped sense of humour.

What a girl Bernie Berlin is I didn't do her class but she was so lovely and giving in her time to me to encourage my art work and teaching,her advice was wonderful.And Bernie Nice ring girl???

Dear DJ Pettitt what a sweet soul she has,I played a joke on her and asked her to help me in a painting I was doing,she looked at it and said wow that's just beautiful,I then proceeded to tell her it should be that it was hers and that I wasn't even in her class she laughed so much I'm so naughty.

Here are some dear friends of mine all the way from Western Australia how I love these girls.Dawn Thomas was amazed at my guided tour on the way to the retreat all my amazing factors and figures from Population,to how many cats and dogs were in the area,I say only for you Dawnie and Julie would I research so much for you.

The gorgeous and talented Kelsey this girl is the queen of techniques it was so great to get to spend some time with you kelsey.

My alter ego reared its ugly head one night and Captain UnderPants was to the rescue for any one having a art crisis I was there weaving my magic.The Lovely Lady Di was rescued by me just in time.

What fun was had a lot of laughs alot of wonderful women to catch up with and meet for the first time.I just cant wait for next year.

My stall was a huge success and I thank you all.


(Captain Underpants)


Sam Marshall said...

I love your photos! Looks like you had a blast!!!

Gretz said...

You are such a nawty girl Jen Crossley!!

But wasn't it a great retreat! It was great to see you!


Jo Wholohan said...

jen you crack me up, great to catch up, bring on next year eh??? :)) xx

Lady Di said...

Jen you are such a hoot, I love your sense of humour. It was great to finally meet you and I loved your market stall goodies ... although it was difficult to hold myself back!! Can't wait to see you again in May ... but you'll never believe it, I met with my altered book group today and who happens to be in the group - Evelyn - and she told me she's just done a workshop with you and your one in Brisbane is going to be at her house ... isn't it just such a small world ... can't wait.

lindacreates said...

Oh Jen, I am so glad you were your naughty self! Captain Underpants better get her self over here to America as I miss her dearly!

Eva said...

What can I say Jen ... you're an absolute delight and a 'hoot' (goose more like - lol)! Captain Underpants ... shrinking violet you're not! lol

Hopefully we can touch base sooner than next years Retreat. Thanks to you and all the wonderful 'familiar' and 'new faces' who made it a success!

Eva :-)

NessH said...

Jen just reading all these lovely comments..seems like all these lovely ladies knew about your classes in May before me...sniff sniff...
doesnt matter..I am just excited to see you again..the girls can't wait and Meg will be more than happy to have u in her room...
looks like you had an awesome time at the retreat..I might have to be nice to Brad so I can go next year

Julie H said...

Oh Jen you are sooo funny and sweet. All that research, just for us, it made me feel sooo specail - but you must know meeting youwas a trip hi-light.

Julie van Oosten said...

Hey Capt'n heard on the grapevine you were the joker! Sounds like you all had a fabulous time and got to see Dawney and Kelsey and Julie...Glad it was such a cool break for you! Thanks for sharing your fun with all of us! Of course all of the girls love you, you are a very special girl Jen!

Karen Cole said...

What I wouldn't have done to be at this retreat with all of you.

I can just imagine what fun you all had.

Gaby Bee said...

It sounds like you had a great time on the retreat :-)
The pics are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!
Have a wondrous and magical day!

Gaby xo

Jacky said...

Hi Jen,

Awesome retreat and love looking at your photos.
Fun to see Captain Underpants coming to Di's art rescue... You're such a card (and Greta too, your partner in crime). Looking forward to next year and maybe another trip in the Monara.

Eliza said...


You're crazy girl and that joke you played on DJ was brilliant. I loved your bubbly spirit and your definatley named Captain Underpants for a reason and this is going to stay with you for life.

Brilliant Retreat and come on next year.

Eliza - HRH

Sarah said...

So glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend away. Wish I could have seen Captain Underpants in action.

Diane said...

Stephanie is wonderful. Did you do her Junkdrawer Metalsmithing class? Where did you take your classes? I have added you to my blogroll, my funny Aussie friend =)

Kim said...

sounds like you had a great time lol - but the comment that really made me smile was re: Captain Underpants :) Those were the first books my son got really excited about!

Alison Gibbs said...

Jen looks like you gis had a great time.

Dot said...

Hi Jenn

I am sorry I didn't get to spend any time with you at the retreat. My friend Jacky told me you were such fun in class (and out of it by the looks of it).

Love the trick you played on DJ (she is a good sport).

And I am sure your classes are wonderful and you are a brilliant teacher!

Hope you enjoyed your time with Kelsey and Julie in the city - and Billy Elliot too :)


Lynne Forsythe said...

Your view from your classroom was breathtaking!!! Sounds like you had a blast!!!

Linda M. Cain said...

What a wonder ful group of people. So glad you had a great time. You surely deserved it, girl!

Be well,

jo horswill said...

Jen, I love this post and the trick you played on DJ (very funny). Sounds like you had alot of fun...


Hi Jen
you crazy woman you LOL.Wish I had of made it to this retreat just to meet you and Captain Underpants in person LOL.Bevlea wont let me sign up for next years one for another month but I am ssssooo going to that one.I may be able to meet you and do your classes in May via Ness at Evelyn's place too.Just trying to factor in the logistics of it as my Mum lives on the north side...maybe hire a car or stay at my brothers on the Sunshine Coast.

Lost Aussie said...

Sounds like you all had a blast. I have heard nothing but the best comments from the Retreat! How fabulous!

kelsey said...

I had such a great time visiting with you after the retreat Jen, glad I could spend a few good days with you....we missed you Dawnie!!!

Captain Underpants will "rise" again!

azirca said...

Dear Captain UnderPants,
I so enjoyed looking at your photos and reading about your adventures. Thanks for the giggle.

Susan Tuttle said...

What an amazing time! I just love DJ -- what a wonderful soul -- I had the pleasure of meeting her this past summer.

You lucky girl you!


HappyDayArt! said...

Oh that looks like it was so much fun! I guess all of Australia isn't the outback. Tee, hee!

I love your photos and I really like seeing you in them.

You know how to live!

XO Catherine

Kim Palmer said...

Hi captain, sounds like you had a blast, what a fabulous time! I am of course insanely jealous, especially on missing out on sightings of a real superhero in the flesh and on all that candy you had for sale! :)

Night Owl Designs said...

Jen, I really enjoyed reading about your adventures. Great photos too!

Diana said...

OOh, Jen, looks like you had an awesome time and what fantastic teachers. I will be spending three days with Stephanie Lee in a few weeks and really look forward to it. Your pieces are wonderful....wish I was there to snap one of them up.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.