Sunday, October 24, 2010

Im back in the land of ?

Well I'm back in the land of the living after having a hectic 2 months .Teaching at the fiber forum in Geelong was amazing I had the time of my life, amazing students, and friendships I made that I will stay with me forever.

Below is where we had all our meals an amazing dining hall a buzz with the sound of women all sharing a love for art, all doing different classes book making, felting, weaving, machine design, making shoes the list goes on.

How can I describe this picture above B1 and B2 we became Polly Jacobs Giacchina an amazing fibre sculpture artist from America, her strange accent and my sense of humour lead to alot of laughs, all I can say is noice cake Polly LOL.

Another wonderful tutor Angie Hughes from the UK her work was amazing her singing of a night time another beautiful memory.
Me singing at her door another site to behold "ANgie,ANgie"

Below are my wonderful Students I had for the week what a great talented bunch they were.

Below are some photo's of there works for the week.

By the end of the week my students were just as mad as me Mission accomplished LOL take a closer look.
Next I will fill you in on Perth and my joint class there with Chris Atkins.


lindacreates said...

You all look like you are having the time of your life. I wish so badly I could have been there! Miss you terribly. Whoever made that necklace is amazing!

Janine Davies said...

Yes, I'm jealous! Glad you had a great time! Great work by the students too!

Samantha Marshall said...

Sounds absolutely fantastic!!!

Jacky said...

Whoo hoo Jen...looks like you had an amazing time in Geelong!!!
Sounds like your wonderful sense of humour was much appreciated too.

Wonderful pieces created by your students.

Jacky xox

Deb L. said...

What a blast! Your students did you proud :0) Makes me so happy to see all of your successes and the passion you put into life... miss you ~ xoo Deb

Deb L. said...
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Riki Schumacher said...

Love these pics Jen, what a fun time it looks like. They did a wonderful job, love it all. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like my new bling! And yes, Maddie is a doll, love her so. Take care Jen, Riki

Stephani Gorman said...

Hi Jen, Would love to take one of your classes! Looks so fun!
Thanks for the stopping by and the sweet comment. :) Stephani


Hi Jen
OMG there is a problem with the photos...I'm not in them WAH!!!!So glAd all went well and can't wait to see the Perth ones.Off to Bunnings soon with mz Sarah F to get me a dremel at last...can't wait.I'm ever so glad I got Jen Crossafied LOL

Sarah said...

You sure have been a busy bee in these last few months.. Love the eating hall at Geelong, looks so Harry Potterish..LOL
Glad you have had a wonderfully fun last few months teaching..

Night Owl Designs said...

How fun! Looks like some amazing art was created :-)

Linda M. Cain said...

What a fabulous time you must have had. Being a student of yours would be out of this world exciting for me. Like Annette said the problem with the photos is I'm NOT in them.
Great projects by the students.

Be Well my Friend,

azirca said...

Mad is good Jen, nothing wrong with a little madness!
Congrats on all of your classes.

Oxana said...

I love your blogg, Jen!!!! I am dreaming to take your workshop, but it`s so far away. Love ALL your creations.

Diana said...

Looks as though you and your students had one heck of a good time, Jen. What fun to teach for an entire week. You have so much talent to share. I am sure you gave your students just a small sampling of your creative spirit and leaving them with wanting more.

Diane said... wonderful Jen. I am sure you had the time of your life =)) Congratulations on mission accomplished!

Angie H said...

big love honey b...hope to meet again v. soon xxxx Annnnnngeeee