Monday, September 12, 2011

No Rest

No rest for the wicked they say!
I have been busy creating up a storm for Art N Soul Portland 2011 for the vendor night this is my latest piece.
Rusty metal with ice resin on top it really does make the metal colours pop I just love it.
I have started to slow down now with time ticking away till I leave next week.I have had health issues with my back and leg due to my back so the old grey mare arent what she used to be LOL.
Happy Creating


Penny said...

Have a great time, hope the back/leg pains are forgotten in all the excitement. Get some one else to handle your baggage! Look forward to hearing all about it when you get home.

Karen Cole said...

This horse has been out to pasture too.

Sometimes when I travel or am creating, I can forget about the pain and just enjoy the trip. I hope you can.

Good luck with the selling (shouldn't be hard with the beautiful pieces you create) and bon voyage.

Judy said...

Such an amazing piece! You are too young to go out to pasture!

Lucy said...

Beautiful piece Jen, and you are NOT old, just maturing gracefully!LOLOL!
Hugs Lucy

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...


Heather Jacob said...

wow great to see you back ... and this was certainly worth waiting for .... totally exquisite .... you are amazing .. love it .. hugz x

Gaby Bee said...

This is absolutely amazing! I love it when you use rusty things like this one. Brilliant as always, Jen!

Hope you are feeling better now!

Have a wonderful time and good luck with the selling:)


Seth said...

Good luck creating everything for Art N Soul. This is a beautiful piece, as I am sure the rest will be as well.

Angie H said...

lovely jen i have yet to try my ice resin...hope you aren't suffrin too much xx angeeeee

Eva said...

Old mare? So what does that make me ... a dinosaur? You're way off from being sent to the glue factory Jen!

As for Art and Soul ... you'll do great - knock em out ... and ... enjoy!

PS: Very nice piece of work too.

Debbi Baker said...

Have a wonderful time Jen - give that back a bit of a rest though before you go! Your art as always is just fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I am taking your class, Brass Bezel and Ice, on Saturday at Art & Soul. I have most of the materials ready, but could you please clarify on these items:
File non-chequer?
Couple of pins? Sewing pins?
Bakers flux liquid - I have not found it, is another brand ok?
I cannot fly with butane gas, will it be available there somewhere?
Marcy Antle

Anonymous said...

PS: Do we class members get FIRST PICK of your gorgeous pieces for sale????? Hope so.
Marcy Antle

Glenda said...

Have a great time Jen. Oh I feel for you with the back and leg pain, Knock their sox off girl. Enjoy.

Ivy and Elephants said...

If this piece is any indication of the rest of your creations, you need no luck, you have got talent in spades! Have a great show.
Just gorgeous!

Jilly said...

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