Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ice Resin show my Studio stamp projects

  I'm so excited to be featured on the Ice Resin site I could burst really !.
This is the studio stamp set I had made with the help of my friend kari Mcknight Holbrook thanks Kari.
This is a book I have made using a Ice Resin cover.

Be sure and head over and look at the projects on the site. I have used the molding technique with the Ice Resin on these projects

If your interested in the Studio stamp plate please contact mefor all you Aussies click the link below.
If you are from over seas please email me


Keith@ Vintage Crab Jewelry and Crafts said...

Wow, it looks just like a sheet of glass and the detail is great, amazing work!

Susie Bentz: My Time to Play said...

Gorgeous project!