Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cabinet Cards WOW

On Saturday, my good friend Marg Buhagiar and myself took a class with Keron Lee (Colour Guru) in Melbourne. We both had no idea what we were in for as painting was a thing I do not have much confidence in!!!! And to think painting on a photo horrified us both, not an original photo anyway, we scannned it first he he!

WOW we are both addicted now and Keron was a very talented and giving teacher we couldn't have done it without you Keron thanks again.

Marg's first card was breath taking to say the least, a real work of art, it would make a great christmas gift Marg to a special frined (hint hint!!!)

SO now for the unveiling drum roll please!!!!
Marg's work:

My work:


PS - Hi B1

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Art Girlz

Well I'm wrapped I made some pins for paperific in Melbourne last month and have had a overwhelming response. People are wanting me to sell the necklaces.

I approached art girlz in the states and they love my necklaces and have asked my permission to teach classes using and giving me credit for my designs! WOW I cant believe it! I'm honoured check out there website

Here are my necklaces:


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

To Blog or Not To Blog?

Well to blog or not to blog that is the question??

The answer just do it!!!I have succumbed to pressure and so here it goes. It is frighten as you can see in print how boring I am which is scary hehehee.

My passion for mixed media has brought me many great opportunities, many great friends.SO one giant step for Jen two backward steps for man kind.

I have a great passion for jewerly making using 3D objects and adding pictures to them, I'm a metal head. No not heavy music but really metal.Here is a necklace I made after finding a great metal piece in a antique shop for $4 dollars cash money, then adding a old fob chain and ye olde christmas lights wrapped with wire.

Well that was painless my first official Blog!!!

Jen Crossley or Crozzalinski