Thursday, June 28, 2007

Found Art !!!

Found ART hm when you look at this entery you will find this in many ways.
Good news everyone Nature Boy got into Somerset Studio Aug/Sept 2007 which I was wrapped in (haven't seen it yet though!!!)
Had a wonderful time in Brisbane teaching last weekend although the Flu that has followed me home isnt that great LOL.Vanessa Henry was wonderful I couldn't of done it without you Ness.
I had great classes and met some wonderful and Talented ladies.
I was tagged awhile ago for your workstation photo by the Lovely Dawn Thomas .
Dawn is from Perth she is a wonderful Girl very Talented and a barrel of laughs.
This photo is for you Dawn I call it like the title Found ART if you can find something your lucky LOL .I have no Art Studio only a Dining table I use the word DINING loosely (dont know when we ate there last!!! and My poor and understanding daughter Nicole who see's mum coming with some new junk from the car and shudders yes its bound for her room or should I say half her room (luv you Nicole)
Here is a piece I just made haven't added the chain yet had to share first I found this brass fitting in Brisbane with Ness and the rest is history
Take care


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Try Anything once

Try Anything once thats what I say !! This piece was a joy to do I have had this frame forever and a day it was green in colour so you know me Rust anway.Im really happy with how it turned out.The house is a collage and Yes Sit down girl's I actually ...... Stamped something onto it.
I seem to have gone more collage these days so to stamp a background stamp over the top was a buzz it is a beautiful scroll and pen collage stamp you can just see it in the black ink.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

LiL Houses

Those that know me know I love anything to do with Metal and Houses my other passion combine them together and make them Mini Im in heaven.
Another new Fab product from yes you guessed it Collections that girl JVO certainly has out done herself with her new range of products coming out now.

Its fun how things start like JVO do you know how she got that name????
WELL >>>.....
It was my Husband Mark he was sick of writing Julie Van Oosten every time she rang.
He couldnt write Julie as I know to many so hence the legend was born JVO the rest is history.
Have a great Long weekend

Friday, June 1, 2007

Brisbane bound

Well Im Brisbane bound to teach on the 22,23,24th June 2007.
I'm looking forward to it,the lovely and talented Vanessa Henry is helping me out with all the bookings and arrangements thanks so much Ness couldnt do it without you.
The classes will be a Keyhole necklace, and Junkaux box on Friday night.

Saturday Im doing the Arch book and the new House book by collections I cant wait for that one.

Sunday arvo will be the November house which is already posted on the last blog entry

Brisbane or bust