Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lost art and Blog awards

I feel like a rock chick although my singing leaves a lot to be desired LOL.Kelsey O'Mullane nomintated me for this award. Thanks Kelsey You rock my world LOL
People who Rock me with their blogs are people I have known for a while, have never met, but rock my world

1.Julie Van Oosten - Your just plain rock JVO

2.Dawnie - You rock my world girl you're a legend

3.Michael Demeng - The legend of rust

4.Nina Bagley - You rock in art and life

5. Deryn Mentock - Your jewerly rocks me daily

6. Tim Holtz - Your work rocks me day and night

I was to truely touched by this award from someone I admire so much, her work is totally amazing, and inspirational is an understatement Judy Wilkenfeld from Red Velvet. Thank you Judy.

Here are My 5 people who inspire me with their blogs. I know some of you have already be tagged but you inspire me daily;

1. Judy you inspire me so much I have to tag you again

2. Kelsey O'Mullane: the queen of techinque

3.Rande Hanson - I love your work it's amazing

4. Debbi Baker - amazing work

5. Linda Lynch you inspire me in life and art, you are an amazing woman.

Lost ART

Well it has been a busy week, I just want to thank everyone who commented on my glass house book. I was overwhelmed with your wonderful comments so THANK YOU guys.

This necklace was a challenge for me I wanted to do cold connections on it and after alot of work holding my tongue the right way here it is.

It is an old optical lense. I chopped the top off with my trusted dremel, then sanded it to remove the bright red paint. Then using Tim Holtz alcohol inks, I using a metal punch to add the words "Lost Art". I followed Richard Salley's free workshop link to make a cold connection necklaces and here it is.



Judy said...

Oh you are a funny lass, tagging me again - thanks but i find you just as inspirational!
The piece you made is amazing as usual - cant quite beleive you chopped the top of an optical lense - sacreledge - i tell you - lol!

nina said...

jen, i'm touched and honored by your words and sentiments, and am grateful that we've begun getting to know one another through this blogging community. i hope we'll get to see one another when i come to australia again next may, and we can visit over a cup of tea or glass of wine. your work is amazing, and i look forward to seeing more of it! xoxo

lindacreates said...

Oh Jen, you are the best and I am so honored to have you tell me I am an inspiration to you. You are the sister I love having and treasure our talks and time together.

kelsey said...

You Rockin' Inpsirational girl you!!! lol Another wonderfully rusty piece you've made there're obviously enjoying your time with the Dremel! haha

Gretz said...

hi Jen,

These awards are well deserved! Your work is fantastic!

Perhaps you should be taking classes at some of these art retreats!

Dawnie said...

Best way to start a monday by visiting your blog with my breaky, to see youve given me a rockin award ! too cool.
You rock me too crozza and so happy to have met you.

I just LOVE this piece JC.


Julie H said...

This is just wonderful. I love Richard Salley's work and have the tutorial on my to do pile. You have made an amazing OOAK piece of art.

Gisele said...

Oh Jen.... all your latest jewelery
pieces are just stunning - such talent, would love to spend a day with you learning!

Night Owl Designs said...

Great piece Jen! Congrats on your work in the new S&P :-)

Pearl Maple said...

With both a Rocking & Inspirational award you do indeed have a wildly creative altered site here full of inspiration. The glass house book is a fun concept, thank you for sharing your art with us in blog land.

Debbi Baker said...

Me again Jen - catching up on my blog-reading to find that not only have you created more stunning art but you have nominated me! Thanks so much - I feel very blessed and humble seeing as it is YOU who inspire me!!

Susan Tuttle said...

This is amazing Jen! You really know how to wield a dremel tool my dear!!


Ro Bruhn said...

I really love this piece Jen, it's fabulous. I'm a great fan of Richard Salley and Keith Lo Bu's work