Sunday, November 18, 2007

Smile !!!

Smile!! This is my new necklace I have just completed,as you can see by my title its from an old camera.

I have been busy with Life and a bad back ( oh the joys of life) LOL.

I had the opportunity recently to do a two day class with Robert Danick in Melbourne.I learnt Faux Bone and Forming meaningful attachments this class was all about cold connections and to say it has change my way of creating is an understatement.Robert made me think more about the creative process and putting things together to form great attachments.He is an amazing teacher giving and sharing freely of his ideas.I learnt rivetting which robert I have used on this piece.I will share my faux bone piece in the next entery.

Take care


PS Im going to start selling my jewerly Finally stay tuned

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Teacher Teacher!!!!

Teacher, me well I know I have been playing teacher lately.I had the pleasure to teacher 9 mature (I use the word loosley) ladies last weekend in Melbourne,I taught the small house necklace below and my junk bracelet.The girls where wonderful alot of lollies were consumed we were high on sugar and creativety!!!

Im just a country girl and these girls turned my everyword into something naughty!!! LOL

The girl were also treated to a quick soldering display as well.

Thank you to Gail,Greta,Joanne,Donna,Kathy,Sarah,Liz,

Janine,and Theresa.For a fun day


Ps Hi Maggie this is for you I updated finally!!!