Thursday, February 7, 2008

Michael and Judy come to Town

What a wonderful experience I had last weekend, not only did I get the chance to meet Michael De Meng and attend his two day class, but I FINALLY got to meet Judy (alias: red velvet). “WOW” would be an understatement, of summing up the whole weekend. I was lucky enough to spend some time with both Judy and Michael while I showed them some of my favorite shopping haunts (JUNK) of course.

We had the class at Ancient Echoes in Brunswick it was a beautiful setting, huge thanks to Kathy and Marg for organizing this! It was an amazing opportunity to have Michael teach in Melbourne. And thanks also to Caro and Con from Ancient Echoes who made the day run so smoothly! Here is my soda can project I did on Saturday with Michael; I still need to add some bits to it. On Sunday was the transparences class I haven’t finished mine yet but I will post it next blog.

Soda can class
Judy and I have only talked on the phone and emailed each other, but to finally get to spend some time together was great. Judy surprised me with the most awesome gift, and to say I was stunned is an understatement! After some colorful language from me, here is what the talented Judy gave me. Get ready to drool!

If you know Judy everything she does has meaning this book cover has " Strangers when we meet" and it was our first meeting. And this beautiful poem.

The journal really touched me and I can't thank Judy enough for doing something so wonderful for me; she even put my name on the front cover!
This world of blogging; how it brings sweet people into our lives and they become the best of friends, how lucky am I?
I also had the chance to finally talk and meet with Ro Bruhn who through blogging we share our passion of jewerly. Ro is such a sweet and talented lady. I think she saw a different side of me when Judy gave me the journal, (my colourful way of describing it was different to say the least).
A fun weekend was had by all and some awesome art work was made. I must say Greta Young pulled something out of the bag last weekend and was in the zone!
Take care


Karen Cole said...

It certainly looks like you had a grand, beautiful weekend, Jen.

You can feel the joy in your post.

azirca said...

oh WOW! I love your soda can creation, that is seriously fabulous! Can't wait to see your transparency creation.
What a wonderful weekend you had, all of those creative people in one place at one time must have been an amazing experience.
The journal from Judy, OMG! what an amazing gift, certainly something to treasure. The poem made me tear up, I'm such a sap!

Dawnie said...

Art love makes it way back round and it look like you had a FAB weekend dear gal. Saw your other masterpiece on a link from MDM blog (pics of you and Greata hard at it)Wonderful, just amazing you certainly are !
Dawnie T xxx

Ro Bruhn said...

It was great to meet up again Jen, loved your reaction to Judy's book, she certainly did a terrific job, she got herself in quite a sweat at my place trying to get it finished. Your soda pop icon looks fabulous. Can't wait 'til our Keith Lo Bue workshop.

Teresa Abajo said...

Good to see you again Jen. I loved taking a class with you - what a clown you are! Can't wait to see your transparency piece. Next time you come to Melb you'll have to bring Judy's journal with you so I can dribble on that too!

Julie H said...

Hi Jen

Wow! I knew you would make something awesome in class. The inclusion of the cutting comb is great.

What an amazing journal - so substantial and chunky. Will you use it? Or just look at it for a while?

papercracker said...

I love your pop can icon - it turned out fabulous! Would you be willing to share in a further post what the various items are that are attached to it? (Without revealing any trade secrets, of course.) The journal Judy made for you looks amazing. What a lucky girl you are.

Shirley McCutcheon said...

It is beautiful Jen! How lucky Michael, Judy and you were to spend time together.
your soda can creation turned out wonderfully, too!

Deb said...

Your soda can assemblage is great! You do have the most interesting found pieces... wheb I see your creations I want to hop on the first plane and go junking with you - lol:) And how lucky are you to have been gifted with such an amazing journal. Judy's work is way beyond words. can't wait to see the other things you did in Michael's class! Hope things are well in your little corner xox Deb

Gretz said...

It was a fun weekend wasn't it? And the pieces you created were amazing!

The journal Judy gave you was just stunning! I am very envious!

And Michael - what can I say, such a talented teacher and such a great guy to boot. Plus he is so unassuming. Can't wait for him to get back.

None will be allowed to sit in the passenger seat of the Monaro now ;-) after it has had Michael there LOL

Penelope said...

I just found your blog today and I love it, you went straight in my bookmarks folder. :) The book is stunning, I think I'd have a colourful response to it as well!

kelsey said...

Just got off the phone from talking to you Crozz and yep, you're right....that journal that Judy made for your is just to-die-for!!! She does the most amazing work definitely, but your soda pop can is no slouch either girl! Hanging out now so you can finish your transparency one so we can all drool over that too!

Michael & Judy are certainly awesome people and very down to earth, so I knew you'd fit right in with them....don't you know - like attracts like! lol

Steph said...

I just discovered your blog, I'm enjoying the visit and adding you to my links !

R2artstudio said...

What a great picture to see you all together. I know you all must have had so much hunting for tresures. Your soda can art is wonderful, as always. And what a gorgeous journal from Judy. You are a lucky lady! Can't wait to see what else you have created.

lklight said...

Thanks Jen, I'm still holding my breath waiting for you to open up an etsy shop!

HappyDayArt! said...

Hi Jen,

I have seen your name around and when I got a comment from you I was so excited! Thank you so much for your interest. By the way, your blog is so cool, and you ARE a very lucky girl to get such a wonderful gift, but I am also sure that they are happy to know you as well. I will check back here again. I don't make the same kind of things as you do, but I love the aged quality quite alot.

I hope I get to visit your side of the world one day.

Best wishes,
Catherine Witherell

Jo Wholohan said...

Looks like an awesome weekend Jen!!! You lucky chicken :))

Nic Hohn said...

Your 'tinny' is amazing. Looks like you had a lot of fun and that beautiful book....Hooray for you!

Judy said...

#$@**%&(&** blush
#$@**%&(&** blush
#$@**%&(&** blush

Thanks for the compliments - much appreciated.

Seth said...

Sounds like a truly amazing experience. And the journal from Judy is spectacular!

Susan Tuttle said...

Your journal is absolutely stunning - what a special gift from Judy!

How wonderful that you all got to meet up.


Genevieve said...

Lucky you, I was meant to do a workshop with Michael here in Perth with Artistic Journey - cancelled due to lack of interest apparently. One day I'll get there. Love the eye candy and what an amazing gift from Judy.


Night Owl Designs said...

Your can is *amazing* Jen! An the journal.... wow, lucky girl :-)

Gillian said...

OH WOWEEEEEE!!! your Soda Can is Amazing Jen, just wanta touch it!
and how scrummy is that Gorgeous Journal by Judy.... What a Treasure!

Debbi Baker said...

Ditto everything everyone else has already said!! So glad to see so much love and happiness flowing your way - you deserve every bit of it and more. x

Sarah said...

Beautiful soda can art Jenny and wow what a lucky gal you are getting a beautiful journal from Judy.

Sue McGettigan said...

Oh my goodness that is too stinkin' cool!! Love your soda can, and I'm thinking Judy's journal gift is going to be treasured forever!

Debby said...

WOW!!! What a truly amazing weekend that must have been. I have enjoyed reading your post. It brought a huge smile to my face reading about meeting someone online and chatting on the phone and how they become such a true friend, it is amazing. Judy's journal gift is incredible and the poem is beautiful. Your soda can is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.