Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brissie Bound

Hi Everyone,
Well I’m Brisbane bound on Thursday to teach some wonderful girls for 3 days, Im sure we will have lots of fun while I’m there. If it wasn’t for the wonderful Vanessa Henry (my Qld agent) LOL,
It would'nt be possible and it would not run as smoothly.Im so looking forward to catching up with her gorgeous family Brad, and her two beautiful girls Hannah and Meg.
As you can see by my table I have kits from one end of the bench to the other it makes life very interesting for my very Patient family!!!
The soldered pin is a class I’m teaching while I’m in Brissie.

Just want to do a plug if I may ,making kits is not always easy I tend to run out of things and need it ASAP well if you have a chance please check out this link
Peter and Kathy have bent over backwards to get me the goodies I need for my kits I can’t recommened them highly enough.
Well back to packing kits I would like to try and use my bench tonight LOL

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Setting the record straight !


I was recently lucky enough to be Published In Somerset Studio Magazine. It was a joint article between Julie VanOosten and myself about how we came up with the Industria techinque.
It was such a huge thrill for the article to be a feature in the workshop section. When I opened my copy it had only my name on it and not Julie's. I just wanted everyone to know that it was both Julie and I, not me alone who wrote the article.
It was a very bitter sweet moment for me,I would hate for anyone to think oh Jen Crossley is so full of herself,I would rather give up all art than that.
I would never want to take credit for this alone so that's why I'm setting the record straight.
Julie I do apologise for this, I know it wasn't my mistake for not including your name, but I want you to know and everyone else it was OUR techinque.
Above are the very first pieces Julie and I did, and it was the start of a Industria revolution !!
take care
PS Julie I know you will think I didnt have to do this post but credit where credit is due.
You are a special lady.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Hi Girls
well I’m off to Sydney this week to help Julie VanOosten with her collections stand at the SIA show. I will be helping demo with the lovely Audrey Underwood.
Check out Julie’s site she has some new stuff already up there.SHe is such a talented girl that one,we are so lucky to have her in OZ.
Well I’m off teaching in the next month I’m off to Brisbane on the 25th to the 27th April for the weekend. The lovely Vanessa Henry has organized some classes for me to teach up there including this 3d house book, Soldering, Junk bracelet, and the house pendant.
If you’re interested you can contact Vanessa.Cant wait to catch up with Ness and her lovely family.

I’m then off to the apple island of Tasmania and Elaine has kindly invited me down for a weekend on the 2nd to the 4th of May. I will be teaching House pendant, November House, 3d house and Mini book.
I’m really looking forward to these classes.
Take care all