Sunday, May 25, 2008

Art Retreat In Melbourne

It was with a LOT of heavy strapping for my back and Pain Medication. I was set for Nina Bagley's Stone soup class at the Artist Retreat In Melbourne on Sunday. There was no way I was going to miss out on the opportunity of a Life time to go to this class.
I learnt so much from this class, although drilling holes in stone's proved a huge challenge for me never say die, LOL.
Here is the bracelet I just finished made with annealled wire.
I met up with some wonderful friends I only see once in a blue moon. My twin Debbi Baker from Western Australia, the photo below of B1 and B2 LOL.
Alice McKinney, Shirley also from WA, Jacky Williams a lovely lady, as well as the Brissie girls and The Melbourne girls, Greta, Kathy, Marg, Sue and dear Ro.
It was a wonderful time if only to brief, Nina was struggling with illness and while losing her voice we learnt some amazing things.
Thanks again Greta for putting me up at your house in my bedroom (The craft Room) and you thought I was sleeping LOL
ps Below Debbi and I

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Camera House and USA Bound

I’m so excited Life has been a bit up and down over the last month. I have traveled alot from Sydney to Brisbane to Tassie and I have had a lot of laughs and met some wonderful students who are amazing to say the least.
During all this I put on a brave face as I have lost my job when the place I worked for 5 years went into liquidation not only losing my job but my last paycheck bounced and I have lost 5 years of super over thousands of dollars, this has taken its toll on me personally.

I have had severe back pain this week being unable to walk and the spasms in my back have been unbearable, but today A little ray of sunshine has come into my world(hey a great song title LOL).I have been really Lucky to be published in Somerset Gallery new issue.

I did give you a sneak peek earlier this year on my blog but I just couldn’t share it with all my blog family, so Ta Ta drum roll please. Here is my article I was asked to do on my 3d style houses .
My favorite is My 3d Camera House book. I disassembled a folding camera and transformed it into a book. This is my favorite piece. The side of the house also has the camera attachment.

I’m also USA bound in June for two weeks to catch up with my dear Sis Linda Lynch. We met on the internet years ago and we finally met over 2 years ago, I cant wait to see her and shop till we drop, show me the hardware shops I will be as happy as a Aussie in Mud.
Thanks everyone listening to my raving

Monday, May 5, 2008

Missing Emerald, Lost keys, Fingers stuck, Giant Geckos,Fresh Meat

Missing Emerald, Lost keys, Fingers stuck, Giant Geckos,Fresh Meat As the title said missing emerald, lost keys, fingers stuck, a wheel chair bound lady and a new baby. No this isn’t a new book I’m reading it’s just a Jen Crossley class lol. For those of you that know me and have been following what I have been up to the last two weekends, I have travel from Melbourne to Brisbane to Melbourne to Miners Rest then Melbourne to Tasmania teaching classes. I’m so tired but it really has been a wonderful time in my life. First Brisbane and the dear Henry family Ness, Brad and their two beautiful little girls; Hannah and Meg. Ness is just too good to me I want them to adopted me. My luggage was way over the limit my class,it nearly weighed as much as Ness has lost weight 40 kg she looks amazing.

The classes were wonderful 5 in total over 3 days. We had superglue up to our elbows and tongues (don’t ask LOL), and soldering burns. I think I can say Ness is addicted to soldering. Her, Brad and I soldered up a storm in her garage one night. Dear Evelyn and John where we had the classes were so generous having all of us at their home. John was put to good use drilling holes for me - Thanks John. And dear Ness buying 6 soldering irons at Dick Smith with no questions asked. What a wonderful time was had.

Here is an example of one of my students work.Judy did an amazing job of this Junk bracelet.

Tassie Devil
Next weekend I went to Tassie and yes, I met the Tassie Devil himself, Fred. I was given the greeting of “Hey hairy-legs”.
Elaine,Fred,and me!
What a lovely and talented bunch of ladies. It was held at a beautiful seaside town of Saint Helens, 2 hours away from Launceston, I was chauffeur driven by the lovely Lorraine, pointing out an interesting mountain.
My oldest student (nearly 80) a horse float, a wheelchair-bound lady (Mary) from Victoria, a lost Emerald earring at tea, keys locked in a car, super glued fingers and a new baby born - it was really a quiet class LOL.

I have never laughed so much. A great time was had and a lot of great memories made.
A huge thank you to the Brissie and Tassie girls; you are all so wonderful and such friendly girls. It made my teaching so easy to have willing victims for me LOL
A Huge thank you girl for your beautiful pressie you made me a J for Jen and a beautiful handmade bead bracelet by the very talented Gail Hart
Thank you
Ps Congrats Gail on your first grandchild your too young to be a grandparent