Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where have I Been/and Housekeeping??

Where Have I Been / Housekeeping??

You know the song I’ve been everywhere Man .Well that’s what my life has been like lately a lot of Miles on the poor commodore that’s for sure Sydney, Melbourne ,Melbourne, Geelong, Melbourne..

I was lucky enough early last month to go up to Sydney for 4 days to work with the very talented Judy Wilkenfeld what a wonderful experience that was.
As many of you know I have been suffering with back pain so I was strapped on the back for my stay with Judy .
Judy showed me here wonderful studio which totally blew what mind I had left I was like a kid in a candy store. Above are some of her wonderful books.
My son Matthew has also been extremely ill many of you know he has Cystic Fibrosis and we are still waiting for a surgery date for him so I will keep you posted. He also has some exciting news I will share with you soon .
Thank you to everyone who has emailed and rang me concerning my back and Matthew it has really touched me greatly.

Geelong with Keith Lo Bue

I have just had the most exciting week of my life at the Geelong Textile Forum in Victoria, where else can you spend a week with liked minded women, shopping, eating and learning at the same time
Yes heaven indeed.
The Course wa at Geelong Grammer school a beautiful settling thats for sure
I attend a week long course with Keith Lo Bue, he is such a talented and generous man,who's knowledge knows no bounds. And yes in one of the photos we saw the famous Lo Bue legs with his utility kilt!!!
I met and made some wonderful friends one of which is Chris from Western Australia, and Ro Bruhn whom I have known for some time but this was the first time we had spent a lot of time together.
Ro ,me and Chris were the three musketeers.
I have not finished my project yet but here is a sneek peek for you .Its is made out of an old draw pull and a Ari doll I had got from Judys Place.

Stay tuned though Im working on a concept with resin and molding making something old I have always wanted to do a photo Case