Thursday, November 27, 2008

On A Roll

Well I was on a roll with this book until last week when I hurt my back again, so complete rest no movement ,ice ,drugs, cancelled appointments and cancelled class sorry Gail’s girls and worst of all NO ART, I’m having bad withdrawals from the art bit I mean.
Judy’s class has so inspired me these piece were done before I hurt the back again I still have more to do so Hopeful maybe next week!!

This page is my favorite as my dear sis Linda gave me the glass slide with the velvet pouch it goes in and the silver slide while I was at her place in the states earlier this year. I wondered what on earth was I going to do with it, but it was perfect. The little leather purse I found at an antique shop.
The leaf charm up the very top was a awful bright gold piece I bought from Judy now look at it.
This page took along time to attach it all together believe it or not.

I found an old book at this favorite shop of mine it was from the 18 hundreds and it had pressed flowers in it so of course it was perfect for this theme.
I love the poem under this picture I found it fitted in with him travelling all the time looking for specimans.“To My Wife who has put an end to my wanderings "

I was a bit under sided with this page at first but I have grown to like it. I used a glass microscope slide to sandwich the feather in between which I loved .
There is more to come so stay tuned
PS dont worry girls I did Judys class with the moth is still coming
This update is for You ??
You know who you are?
MY stalker

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Judy comes to town !!

A weekend without Husbands and children. But instead, spending the weekend creating with 17 liked minded women. A dream? No, it was real. “A Judy wilkenfeld class” in Melbourne.
It was a terrific weekend a lot of fun and laughs, being told off for making to much noise in our room and that was all just two country girls Sarah and I LOL.
Judy is truly a very talented and wonderful teacher ,sharing with us; great techniques and allowing us to purchase some of her wonderful antique and vintage goodies.
My theme of my book is Nature a few picture I have used are of Charles Darwin. I haven’t finished yet but here are some pages I have completed. As most of you have noticed my blog has become very Jewelry orientated lately but this book has brought me back to my collage roots.
I will share more of the book as I finish it

Who is this masked woman?

Who is this crazy masked woman freezing her butt off in a hotrod,not a real good fashion statement really but a warm one.
My hubby and I took off for a rod run in melbourne the other weekend.
It was our rods first big drive, a real test, 2 and 1/2 hour drive down and we made it. We have no hearing left due to a noisey diff (car talk).

This was us on the way home raining but loving it,believe it or not I didnt get that wet. We had our love (and ten layers )to keep us warm.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

And the Winner IS??

The winner of the blog candy
Drum roll please drdrrdrrrrdrrrrrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrd

Vanessa Henry

Thank you everyone for entering and Vanessa the blog candy will be winging its way to you