Monday, December 28, 2009

Geelong Fibre Forum 2010

Hi ,I have been asked to teach at the Geelong fibre forum next year 2010, I'm so thrilled to be asked below is what I will be teaching there from the 26th September till the 2nd October 2010.
If your interested here is the link

Journeys with found objects
Jen Crossley is a generous and vibrant mixed media artist who has a passion for working with found objects, combining them in her work, to produce unique jewerly and whimsical vintage storybooks. Contained within the work is a moving beautiful narrative quality, leaving you to wonder about the people and stories portrayed in her work. Jen has been teaching for many years throughout Australia and has been published in several US magazines with her unique work.
J o u r n e y s w i t h f o u n d o b j e c t s
In this workshop, we will unlock the secrets of found objects and journey through the world of mixed media to create unique and personal works of wearable art and vintage storybooks. During the week students will learn numerous techniques for working with found objects including how to age metal and paper, soldering, metal etching, inking, dying, rusting, attachments as well as some tricks to working with found objects.
You will leave the week with at least one found object bracelet or necklace, an etched booklace and a vintage book, allowing you to practice all of the techniques covered. Jen will work with individuals on personal projects towards the end of the week, incorporating the techniques learnt. No prior experience is required.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Spoon full

Well I have been away for an unexpected Holiday last week, I took off to Perth for a week on my own to spend sometime with my friend Chris who is an amazing textile mixed media artist please check her work out it is truly amazing.
I was lucky enough to shop till I dropped no not Christmas goodies but art supplies; you wait to see what I have been up to with the help of Chris.
I also got a chance to catch up with dear friends as well for dinner, tea and laughs
Before I left my mojo was on a high thus a bracelet with mother of pearl which I dyed to make look a bit old, and a tea spoon necklace I had being dieing to make .I have the front view and if the spoon flips over to the wrong side another feature there as well. Both images on the spoon are yes you guessed it Tin photos; one has an advertisement of the photographer which I love.

Cant wait to show you what I have up my sleeves thanks to chris.
I will be teaching next year the resin ice and bezels so if your interested and get at least 10 people min hopefully more people would be great , I will see what I can do

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Im Certified !!!

I’m Certified No not crazy as you all thought LOL but as a Ice Resin Instructor ,if you not familiar with this wonderful product that’s what I’m here for .
Here are some Bezels I made and just poured the resin in I was so excited when I approached Susan Lenart Kazmer and her business partner Linda Larsen about how to become an Instructor, so if your interested in classes I’m the girl for the job LOL.
ps Its very hard to photograph so if you see my boof head in the reflect Im sorry LOL

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Perfume bottle Necklace

A close up of the front I used an old cuff link at the top,an attachment from Red Velvet etsy and the perfume bottle with Yes another Tin photo( I just love these Rust and all.

Hi Again,
wow twice in one week,YES the mojo is back and my daughter Nicole is so pleased as, I have been annoying her cos I was bored well not creating, anyway.
The creative process I’m often asked about where do I get my idea’s, well with this necklace I was in my favourite antique shop when I saw this small perfume bottle its about 1"1/2 by 1" wide I thought wow what a cool idea for a necklace.
It cost about $5 I loved the brass lid on it as well. As many of you that know me I love to have jewerly that if it flips onto the wrong side while wearing it still looks cool, so the label of the perfume bottle is on the other side. It did have a small amount of “Smelly perfume” left in it I poured it out and washed it but it left a cool black residue inside still, which I liked the look of.
I must say I do struggle with the chain still I can do the focal point,but the chain! still gives me trouble.
I have made another necklace this week and also bezels which I’m about to fill with resin. Also I started on a Junk watch this week a work in progress that one.
Have a great weekend

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Play Time

I have been playing again,here is a camera necklace,I have just completed with a tin photo of a gentleman inside,I have also attached an old cuff link piece hanging off the gimble tag,and an old brass fuse down the bottom of the camera.

It is very hard to photograph with the reflect of the glass.
I want to thank everyone who voted for me in the Object and Elements comp ,If you didnt know I won and I was so wrapped.
SLK has a new website go check it out,Susan is teaching down under next year and I cant wait.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pin Man

I have entered this Bezel competition on Susan Lenart Kazmers site “Objects and elements”.
I have used a tap fitting from Bunning’s added wings and a vintage image then added her wonderful Ice resin which I just brought back from my holidays in the states. You should try it.
I can’t wait to do her classes next year when she visits, I know there is another lady just as keen we are both huge fans of her work aren’t we Ro!!
Have a look at the wonderful entries on there I think voting closes Wednesday US time which is Thursday to us Aussies LOL.
Wish me luck here is the link have entered this Bezel competition on Susan Lenart Kazmers site “Objects and elements”.
I have used a tap fitting from Bunning’s added wings and a vintage image then added her wonderful Ice resin which I just brought back from my holidays in the states. You should try it.
I can’t wait to do her classes next year when she visits, I know there is another lady just as keen we are both huge fans of her work aren’t we Ro!!
Have a look at the wonderful entries on there I think voting closes Wednesday US time which is Thursday to us Aussies LOL.
Wish me luck here is the link

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Linda's Book

I promised you a look at the book I made Linda, here is the front cover details up close.
This book was a mixture of bits and pieces of pages I loved.
The book was made with my frames I have had made.

This book cover opened to show a poem.

I thought this poem was perfect for our friendship and sisterhood.

These pages were from some of my own good stash, I have always wanted to use cultery on my pages. I have seen them used before some where and I just love it.

Linda loved the bird cage I learnt in Judy Wilkenfelds class so I had to do one for here

I really like the shadow box on the back page it has a sterling silver pocket watch in it.
So if you ever need money Linda break glass in case of emergency LOL.

On another note,thank you to everyone who have been asking how Linda is after her current operation.She is doing well in alot of pain but recovering slowly.The good news is No cancer.
Im off to Melbourne this weekend to teach the swallow book again with 10 students,one is even coming from Perth !!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The King Lives

Hi everyone! I've finally recovered from our 3-week holiday in the good old USA.
Mark and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas.
I surprised him by renewing our wedding vows with the King himself at the Las Vegas sign. It was very romantic: bus loads of tourists and fire trucks tooting their horns as they drove past us. Elvis sang us two songs.
Later that night we went and saw The Lion King. It was a very wonderful day and second honeymoon. Sorry guys the other photos are censored LOL.
Below is a view from our room over-looking the strip.
Nb: I must say ladies, Elvis was about late 50's, but he had nice buns in that white jump suit gggrrr.

After one week alone (gggrrrrr) we picked the kids up from the airport to travel up to Couer d' Alene Idaho, to be with my Sis (I have adopted her) Linda, and husband Jim, to live the American life style for a week. Linda and I met on the internet over 6 years ago now and we have visited them twice now. It was sure great to show my kids off to them.

The kids had never been on a boat before, so it was great fun watching their faces. Here they are having a tow behind Jim's wonderful boat. Matthew was shouting a few nice words to Jim driving the boat, but we couldn't hear him.
Us girls had a go too. I have never laughed so much in my life. I promised Linda no photos of us on that LOL.

Another day we took the kids up to Green Bluff to pick pumpkins. We returned home to Jim and Linda's so the kids could carve them (another first for them.)

Matthew and Nicole's pumpkins.

We did play in Linda's studio. I made her a camera necklace and we tried our hands at etching as well.

Here is a combined necklace from us both .

Linda's etched necklace booklet I taught her. It turned out so wonderful.

It was such a special holiday for us all, our first as a family for 8 years.
I will share with you a book I made for Linda in my next post.
On a final note, my dear Linda is in hospital as I post this. She has not been well for awhile, having survived ovarian cancer and now more complications from her previous cancer surgery. My thoughts are with you dear Sis. I'm so proud of you. You are a fighter and will get through this.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Warning Im getting soppy

I put a warning on this blog as I'm going to get soppy,but ! with good reason.I leave for the good old USA on Friday for my second honeymoon.
Mark my dear husband and long suffering one at that putting up with my art needs, LOL, are going to Las Vegas for a week to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary on the 8th September.
(yes I know I could get that for Murder LOL)
We are going to The Lion King on our Annivesary and the rest of the details are censored,but those who know me, know what GGGGRRRRRRRRR means LOL.

A week later the kids are flying over and we will have another two weeks with them.
We are going to stay with my dear american sister Linda and her hubby Jim in Couer D Alene.
I cant wait to see them .
Linda and I became friends on the internet through our love of art, Mixed media, about 6 years ago I think,and we are very close.
Linda is an inspiration to me and her fight against Ovarian Cancer. She was 10 years clear last year,you go SIS .
Cant wait for the beer in the butt chicken, grape jelly, shopping and creating.
Then to Disneyland for the last week.
So to everyone
Bye for now not for ever

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Metal 3D House

Here is my latest piece of Jewerly, I have always wanted to make a 3d metal house for many years this is my first try. It is made from all brass material.
I made one in paper years ago you might remember this one, but my alterment was a metal house (being the metal head I am lol)

I have etched the front of the house only and used an antique tin photo on the front.
My next house I'm working on will have a front opening door like a house locket, as I bought mini hinges from a hobby store and Mini nails about 3mm big, my old eyes aint what they used to be so alot of swearing and nails on the carpet.
I will show you a picture next time if I pull it off.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Frames

Well I have been busy making a new book with my new frames I am now selling. I have a new size now which is 110mm x150mm (4 1/4inches by 6" roughly) .
Here is the front of the book. I have added feathers under the rusty butterfly plate.

The first page is from an old book "A Lover's Gift", if you open this cover look what's behind.

This is who the book belonged to in 1879 and he was wanting his lover to read page 145.Then a picture of a lady hidden behind Mica.

Here are my new frames. I'm selling them in packets of 8. I have new shapes now; oval, rectangle, arched with a small rectangle. Contact me if your interested.
And I'm thrilled to say I have sold them to my first shop already. "Scraptivate" in Perth now stocks them for those girls in WA.

I love the rectangle frames as I cover it with cheesecloth for a see-through effect.

I have a love of old keys, and mounted some on to some mica again (Yes I'm addicted to Mica LOL) I have put a thin piece of cheesecloth over the picture so you can faintly see something is there.

The thing with these frames was that it is so expensive to buy an old photo album to rip up, and it is hard to find them here in Australia. So I came up with my own, using plain frames and ageing them with different papers.