Wednesday, January 28, 2009

melting away

Well !!! Its just so hot here 44 c or for you overseas girls 112 deg I’m melting, but the art must go on I say.
I have been work on a book Im teaching for a group of girls who are coming to my house in a couple of weeks.
I have enjoyed doing this project.
Don’t worry girls the moth is coming soon for those of you that follow my blog. I just have been busy working on this class.
We will be working with texture goodies alcohol inks, and ageing (which by the way I do really well just look at my face LOL) .
These are only a couple of pages you have to do the class to see the rest mean arent I.
I have just created these frames for the book and I’m going to be selling them, you can email me if you’re interested I will be putting them on my etsy in a couple of weeks.
Well everyone keep cool or warm where ever you live

This frame Im selling soon

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"SMILE" for the camera :}

I have been enjoying making Jewelry again for my etsy shop. Here is another camera necklace which I enjoyed making.
I’m very excited as I sold my last camera necklace “Ancestors” the other day. It is travelling overseas to a friend.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Girls Just wanta have fun

Girls just wanta have fun
What a great way to spend the day out in the big smoke. My daughter Nicole and I and my friend Shani and her daughter Savannah went to the big smoke, down to Melbourne for the day.
We went for a bit of shopping then a Musical “The Rocky Horror Show”.
It was great to spend some time having fun all together. Savannah has Cystic Fibrosis (like my son Matthew) and also Aspergers.
Matthew and Savannah only met each other last year and from a far through a car window keeping there distance and waving to each other .Children with Cystic Fibrosis aren’t allowed to mix together as they can cross infect between one another. It is hard as Shani and I are great friend and have been since primary school.Our Children bringing us together again after both our children having CF.

Nicole and Savannah in this cool alley that had graffiti painted all over.It looked so cool.

After The Rocky Horror show,we went for a carriage ride through the city ,didnt we think we were royality

Shani and Savannah

We all felt we were Queen for the day the world was our oyster.
A great day with great friends.
ps If you check out the photo of the carriage you will notice the crown Im wearing is attached to the carriage,anything for a great photo I say

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Creative Play

Summer Fun that’s what I say. I want to wish all my friends and family a Happy, Healthy and Creative New Year.
My hands have been itchy to create and those that know me would be shocked that my table (dining room table) were I create as I have no studio has been clean not a tool to be found and yes believe it or not a table cloth on it shocking I know.
Well alas the cloth has rolled back and I’m starting to create again.
I got my etching supplies out again and have created this metal dressing making dummie with wings. It was a funny story as I spent hours cutting the shape out, filing and sanding then finally getting it into the etching solution at 10 to 6 at night big mistake, kids wanting to be fed, me having to watch my new addiction Dexter on DVD . About 10.30 oops forgot the etching soaking LOL thank goodness it was a thick bit of metal as it was now paper thin, saved by the skin of my teeth LOL.
Another piece I have been working on for my etsy shop another necklace pictured here.
I will list it tonight sometime if anyone is interested. Well off to fed the kids and yes no etching soaking at the moment