Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy Times

Hi everyone
I have had a busy but a very rewarding couple of weeks.
I had my class last weekend with the extremely talented Keith Lo bue in Halls gap in the Grampians in Victoria, My friend Chris came over fromPerth and we went junking on the first day over 26 klm and 2000 stalls of a car swap meet. It produced lots of finds, a type writer, tools, a Metal number set 1mm I have never seen them that small. We shopped till we dropped then headed off for Halls gap for Saturday/Sundays class.
Here is a picture of these cool units we stayed in we had visitors of ducks, geese, kangaroos, and beautiful bird life out our door every day.

I have also had the pleasure to be featured on Creative Therapy as a guest artist; I was thrilled to be featured. You can check it out here
Thanks so much for this Karen.

I also received my copy of the” Jewelry the Zine” by Catherine Witherall and Deryn Mentock.
Catherine approached me to submit a article and I’m thrilled and honored to be accepted .You can see my page in the zine
Here is a picture of a piece I made for the zine I have been holding off showing until it was published.
Check out Catherine blog for details they are a limited edition,they are excellent lots of articles.

A necklace made from a keyhole Tin photo and with the help of my love of rivetting wings are added on The back had been etched.

Old Keyholes found at a junk sale ,turned into jewelry

Monday, February 16, 2009

Work,Rest and Play

Work ,Rest and Play thats my motto.

Corn you ask??
Has the crozza lost her marble's!!

Well yes I have but this is really corn in this picture.
I had the pleasure of teaching at my home last week,my students came bearing gifts,homegrown corn,homecooked Pavolva,with homegrown peaches,quiches,salads,home made Date loaf.I was in seventh heaven.
My lovely students were from all over two lovely girls from country victoria,Melbourne, and Queensland.

Here are Evelyn and Jodie working hard
Believe it or not we did get some work done.The girls were wonderful.
Alot of fun was had, and food consumed.

The lovely and talented Jodie one of my gorgeous country girls,with her book all done.

I have been playing with a gorgeous new findings from the states they are too die for.I have added a image then added split pieces of mica around the edges.
The product is a company called Vintaj the link below.
Linda Cain uses it alot on her blog as well.Tell them you heard about it from me

Im off to a Keith Lo bue workshop this weekend in Halls Gap a wire workshop I cant wait .My friend from Perth Chris a talented textile artist is flying over for it and we are going to a huge swap meet first on Friday,junking till we drop then driving to Halls Gap. YAHOO

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bush Fires Victoria

My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones, homes, animals; whole townships it is heart breaking to say the least.
They say it is Victoria’s worst disaster in history.
With over 185 people dead and the total still to rise, they are saying maybe over 300 on the news it is devasting.
To believe these fires might have been deliberately lit its just horrific.
There are still many fires still burning out of control. Thank god for those firemen and volunteers who give time and energy to help fight those fires.
With all this heart ache this video has come to light and is just beautiful

Please give to the Red Cross Victoria bush fire appeal.
Please go to my dear friend Judy Wilkenfeld blog she has a very touching video on there blog ,I just cryed when I watched it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hot in the city

Hot in the city, it certainly was yesterday it reached 46 c yesterday hot strong winds. I was teaching 7 willing and able girls yesterday how to etch. A big Thank You to Gail for having us there at her nice and cool place and to the girls who came I know it was a big ask in the heat. I hadn’t taught etching in a class form yet so yesterday was a learning experience which was a great one. You always worry about acids being spilt etc, but it went off great.Great company as well.

Alot of New products were used yesterday featuring the new "Crozzanator 1000" and" 2000 model" made its debut there ,they will be available soon with bonus sound track featuring the talented voice stylings of "The Tamarisk" playing the drill noise,( you had to be there the heat does strange things to my brain lol)

My students from the left back row
front row Teresa (Playing the drill voice) Me,and Liz.
Thanks girls for a wonderful day.Its always great to see you all

Here is Teresa's wonderful piece the etching on hers was amazing .
Check out Teresa blog to see a better details also Liz has photos on her blog of the day

The girls finished articles all individual in there own unique ways

On a sad note
Here in Victoria yesterday we had horrendous fires in the states so far 131 people have lost there life’s. With the death toll to rise as well as 750 homes lost to fires.
There are still many fires burning out of control. The strong winds and the heat made for the worst fires in Victorias history they are saying today. We do have a cool change today down to 18 c crazy isnt it.
My heart goes out to them all.