Friday, March 27, 2009

Many Thanks

Well this has not been a very easy week for those of you that know me well,with My sons Health issues and his ever changing operation date,it has reduced me to days of crying but still no end in site.We have been waiting since october last year,and with Private health insurance
I just want to thank you those have been there for me ,with a friendly ear,you know who you are and you are my strength.I will still fight on it is not over yet.
Enough doom and gloom from me.

These are the frames I have designed and were surposed to bring down to the art retreat to sell ,imagine my disappointment when I had left them home :{ I was not Happy Jan.
So here they are there are 8 in a pkt and they are $9 dollars if your interested plus postage .
You can email me at

These are what you can do with the frames , cover the chipboard with paper and age them make then into a book.

Below are some wonderful gifts I have received from the retreat from good friends and some I received in the mail this week.I think the book Spirit by the lovely Julie H as really helped this week
Thanks again

Friday, March 20, 2009

Creative soul retreat 2009

Well the party is over three days of wonderful classes are now only a memory I will always treasure.
This is a view from my class room I had everyday,the venue was amazing and the birds that we looked out on to everyday were just so beautiful.
A huge Thank you to Bevlea,Eva and Lucy for there wonderful retreat they were just amazing,and worked so hard to make to run so smoothly.

My amazing teacher Stephanie Lee what can I say her knowledge and patience was awesome.I learnt so much from her,soldering,jump rings,an amazing book which I will share with you when I just do the finishing touches.

Thanks so much Steph for everything,and putting up with my warped sense of humour.

What a girl Bernie Berlin is I didn't do her class but she was so lovely and giving in her time to me to encourage my art work and teaching,her advice was wonderful.And Bernie Nice ring girl???

Dear DJ Pettitt what a sweet soul she has,I played a joke on her and asked her to help me in a painting I was doing,she looked at it and said wow that's just beautiful,I then proceeded to tell her it should be that it was hers and that I wasn't even in her class she laughed so much I'm so naughty.

Here are some dear friends of mine all the way from Western Australia how I love these girls.Dawn Thomas was amazed at my guided tour on the way to the retreat all my amazing factors and figures from Population,to how many cats and dogs were in the area,I say only for you Dawnie and Julie would I research so much for you.

The gorgeous and talented Kelsey this girl is the queen of techniques it was so great to get to spend some time with you kelsey.

My alter ego reared its ugly head one night and Captain UnderPants was to the rescue for any one having a art crisis I was there weaving my magic.The Lovely Lady Di was rescued by me just in time.

What fun was had a lot of laughs alot of wonderful women to catch up with and meet for the first time.I just cant wait for next year.

My stall was a huge success and I thank you all.


(Captain Underpants)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hi Everyone,
I have had a really busy week since last Saturday I decided to do the Twilight market at the retreat next Friday night.
Nose to the grind stone and off I have gone.Making jewerly to sell,necklaces need chain to finish them,the list goes on.
And goodies to sell .

Here is one goodie I will have for sale this hand to put onto a altered Book.
The plastic bags below are a tease see if you can see some of the other goodies I will have.
It will be cash only girls sorry,Im not that big yet to have a EFPOS machine,well I can dream cant I.
I must thank a special partner in crime who has dropped everything to help me shop and shop we did.
You know who you are agent X.
Thank you so much alot of money was spent and LOTS of laughs were had.
See you girls next weekend I cant wait to do Stephanies classes,and meet old friends and My Dear WA girls are coming over Hoorah,Dawnie and Kelsey.
PS does anyone want any 1/16th metal punch sets I do have some and was wondering wether I should bring them to sell.Please email me if your interested?otherwise they are too heavy to lug around.