Thursday, May 28, 2009

Casting Call

How thrilled was I when the multitalented Judy Wilkenfeld asked me to submit a piece of my jewerly using an original idea of her's that she had just had made. A "silver Charlotte" which she was having cast up in metal (hm metal.)
Judy asked a few very talented ladies Diana Frey, Ro Bruhn, Kecia Deveney, Deryn Mentock and myself to make up a piece of jewerly to be featured in Belle Armoire Jewelry (summer 2009). It's titled "Casting Call" and it's about the process of going from a metal casting to a final project being used in jewerly form.
Thank you Judy, it was so much fun to see how we all put our own spin on the silver Charlotte .
Make sure you buy a copy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brissie or bust

Well it's been and gone again. Brisbane or bust.
I had the most wonderful time in Brisbane last weekend.Yes Captain Underpants reared (LOL) her ugly side again thanks to the lovely Diana and a present of captain underpants undies.

Below are some of the wonderful items the girls made. The talented Tamar book on the left and Annette Husband sparrow book on the right.

Annette travelled from Humpty Do in the Northen Territory, and was so wonderful to meet. I put you through the ringer Annette using tools you had never used but by the end you were a real pro.

What can I say about this man here Superman that's what he is. John was my knight in shining armor. If I needed anything it was there, he made anything I wanted, and would turn up from the shed and say "Hey Jen is this what you wanted?" e.g. he made bench pins for the girls.
He is an extremely talented and gentle man. I want him and Evelyn (who's house I taught at) to adopt me. Please, please?

The gorgeous Evelyn below this couple opened up their home and hearts for our class and I'm eternally grateful to them.

Here are some of my willing students. All produced amazing art work. The very gorgeous Vanessa Henry in the middle (who is my angel and agent in Queennsland) I would be lost without you, your family, and your friendship.

In the apron is my protashay Diana who gave me my underwear. I have big plans for this girl that will be revealed next year LOL
I will add more pictures

and stories later in the week.
Including trying to leave Brisbane
Till then....
Captain Underpants over and out!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Play Time

I have been playing again with your awesome pieces from Terri Ventura from Dime Store Emporium, she has some amazing findings they are all just too yummy .Go check them out yourself .
Her etsy site is

Im also off to Brisbane this Friday to teach for the weekend,the Lovely Vanessa Henry always takes such good care of me while Im there, I call her my QLD agent LOL
Cant wait girls see you there.