Sunday, July 19, 2009

Done and Dusted

Well it's finally done and dusted !

I have finally finished the book I started in Judy Wilkenfeld's class last year.

Those of you that follow my blog will have seen the pages seperately but it is finally all together.

This is the front cover.

Keeping with my nature theme, I have wired an old pair of antique binoculars to the cover.

Here is the shadow Box book were I carved out the arch in the middle with a scapel and a blistered hand. The old book was so thick (1/4" inch). I don't know how Judy works doing this all the time.

This picture shows the opening and a small door knocker that actually works.

"Hmm what's inside" I hear you ask? Well those girls at the class will know what it was (after alot of "colourful language") as I am scared of these things. It is now in place.

My good friend Sarah donated it to me, and thought it would be perfect for the book.

Yes a moth! It is actually beautiful and has a furry body, but I still feel it is waiting to come alive again.

Sarah found it coming to her door every night and one morning she noticed it had died.

Here is the shadow box chained to keep it closed.

The pages are all joined together with hand dyed silk ribbon,and it concertina's out.

I have just bought a old leather belt to keep it all closed.

Now I only have one thing I would like to add which is an old magnifying glass to the tapestry binding as it is so thick

So the search continues for the finishing touch.

I have so enjoyed doing this book.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Class

Yes Another Class I had a private class at my home and three keen and ego ladies travelled up from Melbourne to do an etching class.
I must say it was a lovely Day,one could say "Perfect" eh Lucy
Here from the left Is Eva, Bevlea,and Perfect Lucy.
These ladies are actually all involved in organising the Creative Soul retreat of which Im teaching at next year in Melbounre, with other Aussie girls and American Tutors.I cant wait

The Lovely Eva whos necklace was just gorgeous.
Thanks Girls

Where's Jen??

Where's Jen??
Well I have been quiet from the blog world .
I have been busy though with Family illness and My back I have been a bit slack attending to the blog world.
Thank you to everyone who commented on my piece in the Belle amoire issue with Judy Wilkenfelds wonderful silver cast dolls. I cant thankyou enough for your encouragement in my work.

Now I travelled up to Sydney on the long weekend in June to the Lovely "Etching Wenches Retreat" Our hostess was Margaret Weiss on her beautiful Holiday farm.
We had a weekend of Classes The swallow book, Crystal Necklaces and etching necklace,plus demo's as well by the wonderul Kristy,Christina,Martina and Ruth,to keep our nights busy.
It was a wonderful weekend with Food, company,and play.

Here is Margaret,Christine and Christina relaxing after class.

Below was our class room where I cracked the whip all weekend Well Not really

This gorgeous necklace was made by Kristy from Adelaide.
I was so happy with how everyones necklace turned out.

Below left is Rob and Myself
Next is the gorgeous Martina who I also met at the Creative soul retreat earlier this year,she is a lovely Soul

Ruth and Margaret hard at work

In the middle of now where I saw this sign and Had to have a picture Crossley Real Estate eh!!

The crystal Necklace that was made over the weekend.

Last but not least I was held together all weekend with a wing and a pray but also tape for my back.
It was a wonderful weekend
Thanks Girls