Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Metal 3D House

Here is my latest piece of Jewerly, I have always wanted to make a 3d metal house for many years this is my first try. It is made from all brass material.
I made one in paper years ago you might remember this one, but my alterment was a metal house (being the metal head I am lol)

I have etched the front of the house only and used an antique tin photo on the front.
My next house I'm working on will have a front opening door like a house locket, as I bought mini hinges from a hobby store and Mini nails about 3mm big, my old eyes aint what they used to be so alot of swearing and nails on the carpet.
I will show you a picture next time if I pull it off.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Frames

Well I have been busy making a new book with my new frames I am now selling. I have a new size now which is 110mm x150mm (4 1/4inches by 6" roughly) .
Here is the front of the book. I have added feathers under the rusty butterfly plate.

The first page is from an old book "A Lover's Gift", if you open this cover look what's behind.

This is who the book belonged to in 1879 and he was wanting his lover to read page 145.Then a picture of a lady hidden behind Mica.

Here are my new frames. I'm selling them in packets of 8. I have new shapes now; oval, rectangle, arched with a small rectangle. Contact me if your interested.
And I'm thrilled to say I have sold them to my first shop already. "Scraptivate" in Perth now stocks them for those girls in WA.

I love the rectangle frames as I cover it with cheesecloth for a see-through effect.

I have a love of old keys, and mounted some on to some mica again (Yes I'm addicted to Mica LOL) I have put a thin piece of cheesecloth over the picture so you can faintly see something is there.

The thing with these frames was that it is so expensive to buy an old photo album to rip up, and it is hard to find them here in Australia. So I came up with my own, using plain frames and ageing them with different papers.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Perth Classes

Well what can I say? Another wonderful weekend with old friends (not age wise LOL) and meeting new friends.

Here is a picture of me flying over Miners Rest (my home) on the way to sunny Perth.

The lovely and very talented Kelsey O'Mullane, was my hostess with the mostess. I stayed with Kelsey over the 4 days. She waited on me hand and foot, also helping me in class. She was my right arm man/women. Thanks so much my "M"

I know not your typical class shot, but I was knackered. The girls were all so lovely, I can't thank them enough. They were keen as mustard which I love. I love to see people who are willing to try new things, and the look in there eyes when they ignite a new passion.

Saturday's class was the swallow book using my new frames.

Here is Chris's book that she completed. It was just so beautiful. Everyone has their own spin on their work which I love.
This was a very long..... long day class.
Thanks for hanging in there girls I hope it was all worth it.

Scraptivate: what a great shop! I really mean it, the selection of goodies were out of this world.
Here is Natalie on the right who owns the shop and the lovely Megan who works there as well.
These two were trouble LOL.

More happy smiling faces, the cheques in the mail girls thanks for looking like you're having fun LOL

Mel let loose with a dremel. You go girl!

More tool action, keep drilling Karen, you will get there girl.

The etching class was awesome, my new passion. It's very addictive.
The girls were all wonderful, some using tools for the first time.

Mel's necklace
Hey Gen! Lovely to catch up with you again.

It was so wonderful to catch up with dear friends. JVO and I have known each other for more years than we care to remember. I fly all the way across the country, she hears I'm coming, and she flies to Canberra to teach LOL. We caught up on Tuesday though. Hoorah!
Hi to Chris Atkins! She came and took me shoppin, and I got to see her awesome studio. Chris is a very talented textile artist. Her work is to die for.
And Hello to Ms Dawnie! It was so great to have time with you .
Thanks girls! I had a ball in Perth.