Saturday, August 8, 2009

Perth Classes

Well what can I say? Another wonderful weekend with old friends (not age wise LOL) and meeting new friends.

Here is a picture of me flying over Miners Rest (my home) on the way to sunny Perth.

The lovely and very talented Kelsey O'Mullane, was my hostess with the mostess. I stayed with Kelsey over the 4 days. She waited on me hand and foot, also helping me in class. She was my right arm man/women. Thanks so much my "M"

I know not your typical class shot, but I was knackered. The girls were all so lovely, I can't thank them enough. They were keen as mustard which I love. I love to see people who are willing to try new things, and the look in there eyes when they ignite a new passion.

Saturday's class was the swallow book using my new frames.

Here is Chris's book that she completed. It was just so beautiful. Everyone has their own spin on their work which I love.
This was a very long..... long day class.
Thanks for hanging in there girls I hope it was all worth it.

Scraptivate: what a great shop! I really mean it, the selection of goodies were out of this world.
Here is Natalie on the right who owns the shop and the lovely Megan who works there as well.
These two were trouble LOL.

More happy smiling faces, the cheques in the mail girls thanks for looking like you're having fun LOL

Mel let loose with a dremel. You go girl!

More tool action, keep drilling Karen, you will get there girl.

The etching class was awesome, my new passion. It's very addictive.
The girls were all wonderful, some using tools for the first time.

Mel's necklace
Hey Gen! Lovely to catch up with you again.

It was so wonderful to catch up with dear friends. JVO and I have known each other for more years than we care to remember. I fly all the way across the country, she hears I'm coming, and she flies to Canberra to teach LOL. We caught up on Tuesday though. Hoorah!
Hi to Chris Atkins! She came and took me shoppin, and I got to see her awesome studio. Chris is a very talented textile artist. Her work is to die for.
And Hello to Ms Dawnie! It was so great to have time with you .
Thanks girls! I had a ball in Perth.


kelsey said...

It was such a pleasure to have you over here and you were the easiest guest ever Crozza! I know the girls had a ball in your classes and everyone loved what they made.

They're pestering me about getting you back again already!!! lol

Luthien Thye said...

my goodness! looks so fun!! and my... what beautiful creations came out of this ... ooo i would love to know what secret lies inside of chris's book!

Julie H said...

Now I am even more jealous! Your next visit MUST be a school holiday or long weekend - pleeeeaaaase!

Rhonda said...

Hiya Jen! Thanks for the class... Loved it. I am in the process of getting stuff together to continue on with it all. And I have a little somthing for you that you should be getting sometime this week! Hope there is enough in there to do somthing with!

Linda M. Cain said...

I should have been there! I would love to meet Kelsey, and JVO and you!!!! What a great time we would have had!

I've said before, I think I was an Australian in a previous life...or I should have been one now!

Glad everyone had a great time. It looks like so much fun. That look in someones eyes makes it all worthwhile...I know what you mean.

Be well and safe travels.


ChiLLi said...

So please i got to do a class with you! .. Ill be there when you come back! and I am very please the hairy head photos didnt make the blog post :)

azirca said...

Haha, I love the group photo with you lying across the knees of your students, all you need is a pillow and blanket and you'd be set!
The work that your students created is fantastic, the pendants and the books are very beautiful, each one is unique.

How's that troublesome back of yours? I hope that it isn't giving you too much pain.

Ev said...

I had the best time over the weekend. I have finished my book now so will take some photos and send you them. Loved Sunday's atmosphere too. It was so different to Saturday. I'll put my hands up to another class with you for sure when you come back. Kelsey can also give you my feedback. Big Mwah to you...oh my verification word is rather cute too....mousneer LOL

Eva said...

Jen ... I want your 'job' - travel, create art, meet lovely people. Shame I don't have YOUR talent ... lol.

Glad you got to catch up with familiar faces and thanks for passing on my regards too!


Anonymous said...

OhOhOh...I'm so mad with myself that I haven't been reading your Blog and I have miss out comming to one of your classes in Perth..Maybe next Jen
Cheers Leonie(Double Team Scrap room Blog spot)

Samantha Marshall said...

Hi Jen,
The classes looked fantastic and it has been great to see what was made. The pendants and books are beautiful.If you do come during the Wa school holidays-I'm there!!!

jo horswill said...

Hi Jen,
You look so well.
...and a trip to Perth!
Looked like a great class, lot's of fun...

Jo Wholohan said...

love the class portait jen, you crack me up heheheeee sounds like another wonderful class xx

Genevieve said...

I think an art camp with you, JVO, Kelsey and a few others might have to happen in WA sometime next year! What a blast that would be....maybe I'll set it up? Great to do a class of yours - your such a hoot! I used to have stickers I gave to friends that said "Your twisted, perverted and sick, just what I like in a person!' I think I'm gonna have to make up some more.


Lady Di said...

Reading these posts makes me reminisce about your visit up to Brissie ... did Captain U make an appearance???

Alison Gibbs said...

What a great time you had - such fun

lindacreates said...

It is so fun to see your students and the results of your teaching. Great necklaces and beautiful book. I can't wait to have my PRIVATE lesson!
You'll be here in North Idaho before you know it!

Diana said...

Wished I lived closer, Jen, so I could attend one of your classes. It looks as though you all had a great time! Love your book with the secret stored inside.
Take care

Ro Bruhn said...

Looks like a great class Jen, you're really getting about and a trip to America coming up too, Wow.

Unknown said...

Loved it.The classes looked fantastic and it has been great to see what was made....
Great necklaces and beautiful book.
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