Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Warning Im getting soppy

I put a warning on this blog as I'm going to get soppy,but ! with good reason.I leave for the good old USA on Friday for my second honeymoon.
Mark my dear husband and long suffering one at that putting up with my art needs, LOL, are going to Las Vegas for a week to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary on the 8th September.
(yes I know I could get that for Murder LOL)
We are going to The Lion King on our Annivesary and the rest of the details are censored,but those who know me, know what GGGGRRRRRRRRR means LOL.

A week later the kids are flying over and we will have another two weeks with them.
We are going to stay with my dear american sister Linda and her hubby Jim in Couer D Alene.
I cant wait to see them .
Linda and I became friends on the internet through our love of art, Mixed media, about 6 years ago I think,and we are very close.
Linda is an inspiration to me and her fight against Ovarian Cancer. She was 10 years clear last year,you go SIS .
Cant wait for the beer in the butt chicken, grape jelly, shopping and creating.
Then to Disneyland for the last week.
So to everyone
Bye for now not for ever