Thursday, November 26, 2009


Perfume bottle Necklace

A close up of the front I used an old cuff link at the top,an attachment from Red Velvet etsy and the perfume bottle with Yes another Tin photo( I just love these Rust and all.

Hi Again,
wow twice in one week,YES the mojo is back and my daughter Nicole is so pleased as, I have been annoying her cos I was bored well not creating, anyway.
The creative process I’m often asked about where do I get my idea’s, well with this necklace I was in my favourite antique shop when I saw this small perfume bottle its about 1"1/2 by 1" wide I thought wow what a cool idea for a necklace.
It cost about $5 I loved the brass lid on it as well. As many of you that know me I love to have jewerly that if it flips onto the wrong side while wearing it still looks cool, so the label of the perfume bottle is on the other side. It did have a small amount of “Smelly perfume” left in it I poured it out and washed it but it left a cool black residue inside still, which I liked the look of.
I must say I do struggle with the chain still I can do the focal point,but the chain! still gives me trouble.
I have made another necklace this week and also bezels which I’m about to fill with resin. Also I started on a Junk watch this week a work in progress that one.
Have a great weekend

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Play Time

I have been playing again,here is a camera necklace,I have just completed with a tin photo of a gentleman inside,I have also attached an old cuff link piece hanging off the gimble tag,and an old brass fuse down the bottom of the camera.

It is very hard to photograph with the reflect of the glass.
I want to thank everyone who voted for me in the Object and Elements comp ,If you didnt know I won and I was so wrapped.
SLK has a new website go check it out,Susan is teaching down under next year and I cant wait.