Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To Market To Market

To Market To Market to buy a fat pig home again home again Jigette Jig. I think that’s how the saying goes.Im getting ready for a market this Sunday 19th December I don’t usually do these kind of markets but thought I would give it ago at least once,anything I have left over will go on to etsy on Monday. Here are a few examples of some of the jewelry I have made.

I have these glass balls available on my website.

I love this boys photo I know I use it alot.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Memories in a Tin

Memoires in a tin, I have been thinking of my mum a lot lately.
I have been missing her voice, her guidance especially with a lot going on in my life. My art has always saved me sanity wise, not money wise.
So I sat down and made elements that made up parts of my mum to me. She loved to sew and we often received home made goodies. One Christmas I remember I wanted a Golliwog (am I still allowed to sat that Political correctness and all) I remember running to the Christmas tree, Christmas morning and there it was my beloved golliwog. Mum had been up finishing it for me. I hold on to these memories.
Mum was always putting things into tins and jars bits and bobs from who knows where . Mum loved flea market I think that where I got my passion for junking.
These are somethings she had in her draw after she passed that’s what I did in this memory tin to help keep her close to me.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gallery for website

I have been busy making jewerly for a market that I’m doing in Ballarat next month.
I've decide that after a few emails from customers on my web shop asking "what do you use that for?" I would make some samples showing you what you can use certain items for. I’m going to be adding a gallery on my website next week so you can get some ideas. If you have anything you have bought from my shop that you would like to share, just send me the picture and I will add it to the gallery.
Below is a bracelet that I have made from the coffee break designs acrylic tags that I sell. I have used Tim Holtz pictures with the tags and used Dimensional Magic to glue the pictures to the tags. Then I sanded and inked the edges and joined them with glue. I have added assorted charms that I have.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Perth 2010

It’s always wonderful to go to Perth. I so love it and most of my good friends live there.
Chris Atkins and I did our joint class there called "Found, Etched & Connected”. What a fun bunch of girls we had! They were so respectful to us at all time LOL. Below are just a few of the pieces that were made in our class. The girls really produced some amazing work.

This piece is really more 3D than you think.

Dear Dawnie! This girl is one of a kind, I managed to spend some one-on-one time with Dawnie this visit which was great.

Chris demoing her part of our class to the girls.

After the two day class Chris and I went on a road trip to Margaret River, and Bunbury.

At the berry farm we had visitors for afternoon tea. I had to stop laughing for a start off to take these photos. These gorgeous birds came to eat our jam and cream. They could have waited until we had finished. How rude!

Thanks Chris for showing me more of Perth than I normally see. The shopping, sightseeing, Miss Johnson's market, and sitting on the side of the road waiting for help was amazing. You sure know how to show a girl a good time!
I will miss you and the laughs we had until next year when we see each other again.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Im back in the land of ?

Well I'm back in the land of the living after having a hectic 2 months .Teaching at the fiber forum in Geelong was amazing I had the time of my life, amazing students, and friendships I made that I will stay with me forever.

Below is where we had all our meals an amazing dining hall a buzz with the sound of women all sharing a love for art, all doing different classes book making, felting, weaving, machine design, making shoes the list goes on.

How can I describe this picture above B1 and B2 we became Polly Jacobs Giacchina an amazing fibre sculpture artist from America, her strange accent and my sense of humour lead to alot of laughs, all I can say is noice cake Polly LOL.

Another wonderful tutor Angie Hughes from the UK her work was amazing her singing of a night time another beautiful memory.
Me singing at her door another site to behold "ANgie,ANgie"

Below are my wonderful Students I had for the week what a great talented bunch they were.

Below are some photo's of there works for the week.

By the end of the week my students were just as mad as me Mission accomplished LOL take a closer look.
Next I will fill you in on Perth and my joint class there with Chris Atkins.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guest Artist

OMG, OMG, okay I'm excited just have to share with you all are you sitting down okay,I'm Guest Artist on Objects and elements blog site To say I’m excited is an understatement; anyone who knows me would know I’m a huge fan of Objects and Elements and especially Susan Lenart Kazmer "queen of cold connections." I had the great pleasure of attending classes with her earlier this year at the creative soul retreat in Australia and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
I so love all O&E products and have fallen in love with the Ice resin.
I have been selling ice resin and the bezels on my website A Mark In Time for awhile now and have been teaching through out Australia this wonderful product.
Above is a bracelet I made using ice resin and a stunning sterling silver bezel from there range.
I would love to invite you to become a fan of there's like me on face book Objects and Elements
A huge thank you to dear Jen Cushman who has become a great surport to me and my art Thanks Jen :} you have made my year a dream come true to be featured on this wonderful Blog.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Geelong here I come

Well I’m gearing up to teach in Geelong next week, I’m really excited and have a waiting list on my class which is amazing. I attended this Geelong forum two years ago and who would have thought I would be asked to teach there, I feel very honoured indeed. It will be a huge week.I have made these pieces of jewerly featured here to sell at the retreat; these are only a few of what I have made.
I’m also doing a traders table for two days with the aid of my two kids Thanks Guys I really appreciate your help.
Well I’m off a lot more to do and so little time.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Class In Perth

A two day masterclass
With Jen Crossley and Christine Atkins

During this two day masterclass you will learn how to etch metal to make a range of jewellery pieces including rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and brooches from a variety of metals.

Team these with found objects and cold connections to create one of kind art jewellery that will last.

Learn to finish your jewellery with a soft brushed satin or a highly polished gloss using your dremel.

Class size is limited to ensure individual attention

Suitable for Beginners and Experienced Students

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th of October 2010
9.30am - 4pm

Venue: Meeting room - Yokine Community Centre, 287 McDonald Street, Yokine

Cost: $360

Each person receives a generous kit of metal & materials for your cold connections.

To book your place contact Christine Atkins
08 9246 7448 or

Saturday, August 21, 2010

USA part2

Thought I would share this photo of Linda and I, this special woman I'm so proud to call "My Sis" (adopted Sister through choice). I’m so proud of her she inspires me everyday; Linda is a 10 year survivor of ovarian cancer. It is impossible for her to travel to Australia due to her health, so I will visit her every year I so wish it could be more. We make the most of every visit and every minute together.The photos below are the last pictures of the book I made for Linda.

This picture of Uncle Dan and this beautiful frame.I mounted on aged copper mesh.

Love this picture of Nellie such a beautiful looking lady below.

I must say I do love this page of Linda's Dad.

I used spotted mica on this picture of Linda's dad and his beloved motorbike.

In the folder are old documents from Linda's family.