Monday, October 31, 2011

Art N Soul part 3

Beautiful work by my amazing students.
It was wonderful to see a mum and daughter doing a workshop thanks girls hope you got back to New York okay.

Gorgeous Marcy,who I sat with in sally Jeans class and who did my ice resin bezel class.She also knows how to shout a teacher a drink LOL.(My sort of student)

Miss Tammy what can I say you made me laugh and inspired me as well.

Donna Allen I will never forget your name girl.

Sondra My twin in crime the odd couple we were .So much fun was had.

Janet how did you put up with me for so many classes!!!!
More to come!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Art n Soul Part two:

My first class was with Sally Jean the queen of soldering I can solder ,but I have always wanted to take a class from Sally jean.Below is what I made during class not a great photo but you get the idea.
After a full days class with Sally jean that night I took a class with Jean Van Brederode, who would be teaching me how to use a Hydraulic press. I was lucky enough to be given one for my 50th birthday from my good friend's Chris and Linda, the only thing is I have always wanted one but one small problem I didn’t know how to use it, just a small hic up that’s all LOL.I had admired Jeans work for a long time and was thrilled to do this class.After sitting down I proceed to make myself comfortable after 5 minutes the ice was broken with a few choice words LOL, I really did get a fright when that press started to do its thing.Jean and I soon bonded LOL.
Above Joan(room mate,) Jean and Me.

The next day was a class with Barbara Lewis,I had talked online with Barbara so to finally meet her was amazing.It was a torched fire enamelling class where we made lots of wonderful enamelled bead's.Her hubby and son also where there to help in the class I must say I took a shine to David he has a quirky sence of humor like me so you can image what I put that poor boy through.That night I was to teach my first class,more later.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art N Soul Part one:

Art N Soul:Portland Oregon 2011
the start of our journey we arrived at Lax ready to drive up to Porland. Over our 3 weeks stay we did over 4200 miles, here is my personal driver my ever suffering hubby Mark, it was my job to navigate in between my beauty sleep's may I say alot of snoozing was done ( i really did try to stay awake mark really I did).

Driving up the California coast line was so beautiful,We stopped at one of my favorite spot's Big Sur I just love it there very pretty.

This is Cannery row in Monterey CA I did a spot of antique shopping here.

We stopped at Rogue River on the way up, to Portland this was near our friends place there an old covered bridge so beautiful. I was going to stop in and surprise Stephanie Lee the surprise was on me she was teaching away what are the odds !

Finally arriving at the Embassy Suites in Portland the place was totally amazing so pretty inside.

Inside I was met by the lovely Glenny who organize's Art n Soul.

This is Glenny's helper , Marie they both made me feel right at home. I must say the hotel was amazing with free cooked breakfast, Happy Hour which was totally free hic where a lot of Portland Roses were consumed, I had to girls I didn’t want to be unsociable LOL,
Free snack's and popcorn from an old fashion popcorn machineI thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Over the next few days I took class which I really loved .More tomorrow girls Night.