Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Time

This was a challenge for the Design Team for ice resin this was my project . I made this decoration out of ice resin, I had a old crystal that I decided to take a mold of.This is my Christmas decoration.
 Below is a close up I added crackle medium on top of the ice resin to give it a old fashion feel.'You can get the molding kit from Ice resin.

Merry Christmas to you all I hope you all have a creative and Healthy

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

My Ice resin  experiments continue, this is a book I have just made the cover  from ice resin and coloured it to give it some spark.
Above is another necklace,I used these cool gold screws I bought in New York and threaded the twisted through.I molded the ice resin with my new Studio stamp.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Frosty the Snow Man

 Christmas time is fast approaching i was given a challenge by the ice resin team to create a Christmas decoration.The top picture is a close up of the decoration I use a tiny 25 on the crystal.The corset clasp piece is from the ice resin shop I love this item.
 I put a small layer of ice resin in the bezel then sprayed some mirror glass on the back and wiped it away just to leave a small amount around the outside edge.Then I added the frosty image then I coated the back again.If you would like to see more please go to the ice resin Blog for great ideas.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

What to do?

 What to do? I'm playing at the moment working out classes for next year and what to teach.
 Well I decided this will be one class anyway.I tried to simplify this one to make it workable in a class room situation. 
 For those that know me also know I buy relatives from eBay and antique stores to put on front of my work,well sit down this is one of my hubby's relatives we don't know who exactly  but its real LOL.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

I have been playing with the ice resin to see how far I can go with it.I have had this stamp for more years than I care to remember it has always been a favorite of mine.The company who had it has gone ,and I'm happy to announce I have been given permission to take over the design I will be bringing this stamp back to life  in the next few weeks It will be for sale on my web site.
I did a mold of this stamp then used the Ice Resin, the result was stunning I so love it.I then did some wire wrapping around the edges.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hi Everyone,
Well my first ever video on my favorite tools is now on the Ice Resin Blog spot
I found this all very strange and the out takes would make a video on there own ,the laughing .My daughter Nicole helped me look good by editing it No mean feat that .
I have the tools I mentioned on my website
Please go and check it out and see what my Favorite tools are apart from myself that is.
The photo above is what I use to promote my self when I'm teaching.My good friend Jilly Van Ip  took this photo years ago I call it pick the tool LOL.Jilly is an amazing artist in her own right ,please check out her work as well.
Well dont forget to leave a comment on the ice resin site I would love to know what you think be kind LOL.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ice Resin DT Project My First !

Here is my first piece for Ice Resin DT .
Im slightly excited.
Please go and check out the site I  know they have a offer on there for some of SLK awesome goodies.
I so love this piece I must say I love the bezels I was given to create this piece.
Ps Did I happen to mention Im slightly excited

Close up of the closure

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bird House Pendant

 Thought I would share with you a Birdhouse Pendant I made earlier this year.
Im so in love with my riveting tool since I could use it to add mini hinges to my art work.
 And what bird house would be complete without a Birds nest inside.I metal etched the house and constructed the house from scratch. I have some in my etsy store if you interested.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Art N SOUL part 2

 What can I tell you about Art N Soul I hope these photos can share with you the fun,the gorgoeus people who are there.Here is what I love.
                        I love how everyone comes together to show there love of art.
                        I love the sharing of idea.
                        I love how it gets my creative juices going for the students themselves.
                       I love the joy in  the students faces.
                        I Love the students work I feel so proud of each and everyones work.
                                  I love the look the students get in there eyes when they are creating.

 I love meeting wonderful people who I have seen online for years the gorgeous Helga from art chix .

 I love how Helen came all the way from England for her dream of going to a Art N SOUL
                                    I love how now Lisa and I are now friends from this event.

   I so loved getting to know Doris her and I are going to become trouble together in the future.
         I love how these two below was there first Art n Soul and they are going to be life long friends.
                               I loved the smile on Brodie's face while he was creating
  I love these crazy Tutors who are totally awesome people and who share there love and passion for   art and teaching.
     I love Melissa Cable a totally awesome tutor a wonderful teacher I did her Faux bone class.
 Im in love with Kari (On the Left) we are Siamese twins separated at Birth and brought together through Art N Soul. I love Deb such a gentle soul.
 I especially love the fun these people make me happy when we come together you make life long friends here.Art is good for the Soul.xxxx

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The fun at Art n SOul Portland

 Portland Art n Soul,we were at a new venue this year The Red Lion on Hayden Island the view every morning was stunning.
 The first day of teaching was My etched book class.I was so proud of all my students there work really blew me away.They put up with my squeak of a  voice I was so worried I was about to lose it but it held together.
 Here is the lovely Diane's book up above and  Diane below .You know what I love about teaching its the sharing of knowledge Diane taught me a awesome technique, I learn alot from my students as well.
 Lovely work girls,feast your eyes on the students and there work below.

                  Karen's book was awesome the etching turned out so beautiful.

 This beautiful southern belle Suzanne McNeill how I love her an amazing artist and lady a real inspiration to me,and many others.
                Cindy so proud of what you did with your book the etching was beautiful.
                        Ms Sue Ellen what a lovely lady,I so loved how your book turned .

 Mother and daughter team,Sally and Janet.Above is Janet's stunning etching the patina is gorgeous.
Day 1 was over my voice was struggling but it held in there.It was off to the bar after class for a hot toddie to help this throat of course LOL.
PS: To all my friends Hot Toddie wasnt a guy at the bar either LOL. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr