Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Play Time

Play time: I have been playing with my new rivet tool that I'm sell at my shop www.amarkintime.com

I so love this tool the thing that first made me want or need to buy it was, I had tried to make my own rivets so I could use mini hinges .This tool took away any problems of this in a very quick action.I have etched the nickel sheeting with a new stamp I have just gotten from Lost coast designs it etches so beautifully.I love mixing metal colours as well see the brass forms the back of the booklet.
I used one of my treasured optical lenses they are as rare as rocking horse do doo (boy I cleaned that Up LOL).
My gorgeous new friend Jean from the states helped me by doing a urgent SOS that I needed this new paint from Krylon I needed it yesterday I couldn't get it here in Australia.It gives a mirror effect,Thanks Jean your a life saver.