Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Play Time

Play time: I have been playing with my new rivet tool that I'm sell at my shop www.amarkintime.com

I so love this tool the thing that first made me want or need to buy it was, I had tried to make my own rivets so I could use mini hinges .This tool took away any problems of this in a very quick action.I have etched the nickel sheeting with a new stamp I have just gotten from Lost coast designs it etches so beautifully.I love mixing metal colours as well see the brass forms the back of the booklet.
I used one of my treasured optical lenses they are as rare as rocking horse do doo (boy I cleaned that Up LOL).
My gorgeous new friend Jean from the states helped me by doing a urgent SOS that I needed this new paint from Krylon I needed it yesterday I couldn't get it here in Australia.It gives a mirror effect,Thanks Jean your a life saver.


Unknown said...

This is absolutely awesome! Your work is very nice. I took a class with Joni Russell last year and did some of the metal etching for the first time--it was lots of fun. I immediately got all the supplies to make some more of that fun--but have not touched it since. That riveting tool looks like a "must have." The Krylon paint sounds interesting,too. [loved the rocking horse doo doo--indeed those lenses must be rare]

Teresa Abajo said...

You're amazing Jen. This piece is beautiful!

Candy C said...

Jen, your piece is amazing! I truly love the background. Then the optical lense with the vintage photograph of the young man inside....wow...really really lovely. Your work is truly creative. <3 Candy

Linda M. Cain said...

Jen, you just absolutely ROCK anything you touch. I drool every time I go to the eye doctor and the huge tray of lenses is there. But he thought I as crazy when I asked if he'd ever sell some of them....no artistic sense.


Night Owl Designs said...

This is beautiful Jen, I just love it.

spindelmaker said...

Oh, this is so lovely! Your art is always inspiring! :-)

Gaby Bee said...

It's always fun to come here and see what you have been doing...this piece is awesome, Jen!
I'm currently working with this paint also:) Love the mirror effect!


Samantha Marshall said...

So so beautiful Jen!!!!

Svetlana said...

Fantastic as usually, my friend. I'm getting hocked on metal more and more. At the moment it is solder but will try to follow your instructions from previous post on cold connections.

Katalina Jewelry said...

Beautiful! I love the effect you did with the mirror paint. Your work is so inspiring!

F.T said...

Jen you have remind me the past days of my school when we were making such items over there...:)

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Anne said...

Just wonderful!...Beautiful blog...I am a new follower! ♥

Lucy said...

Your arty work is always inspiring Jenny.
Keep up the fantastical work.
You always keep us guessing!

Charlene said...

Darling! And I loved the "Doo" phrase. That little boys face is so stinkin cute. Thanks for sharing.

Anvil Artifacts said...

Hi Jen,
Janet from Anvil Artifacts here. Love your blog! I've nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. You can check out the details on my blog if you wish. Please don't feel obligated, if you don't have the time or inclination to follow the criteria for this award.

sweet pea jewelry said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your work is beautiful. Its always great to find a new inspiring artist.

Cathleen~ said...

Beautiful work Jen!! Thanks for sharing
about the krylon paint....where can it be purchased?
thanks so much!