Monday, March 26, 2012

Im On the Pulse

I had heard of Seth Apter and started following his blogs for more years than I care to remember ( I am old you know). Seth inspired many artist and asked people to write in and take part in The Pulse he had started on his blog. He would ask many questions about, where we get our inspirations from? or share others peoples blogs you get inspiration from, it was an amazing artist community. I took part in a couple of these .I noticed I would get comments on my blog from Seth and from the small connection we became online friends. My heart went out to Seth when I found out his mum had passed away and emailed Seth telling him my mum had also passed away so I knew how he felt. So from our connections through Art then Our Mums we would email each other every now and again.

I must say I was so shocked when I got an email from Seth saying he was writing a book and wanted me to be a featured artist in it. After picking myself up off the floor, I made two pieces to put in his book. One was called “Reflection” is very much a self portrait of me. There are many layers to me I feel, wife, mother, best friend and artist.
When you open the locket there is a mini book in side that I made .

The other piece is called With Every breath a very simple piece I like to keep things clean and simple lines.

A couple of weeks ago I had the great opportunity of meeting Seth In New York.I was waiting to go down stairs when Seth rang me then, all of a sudden there was a knock on the door I thought who is this guy with a hat on through the peek hole ,better answer it I thought you never know hows behind a door in New york.Seth was all I thought he would be and more I must say I was nerves, I even did the hair and put the lippy on. I thought what if we had nothing to talk about ? Um that was not a problem at all. Seth showed me the book and got me to sign a few copies this is a first for me .Our time was short and sweet ,I told Seth as he was leaving his dear mum would be so proud of him.Then I jumped in a cab and went to The stamp pad in New York to get my hands on a copy. Im so proud of Seth and hope he sells a million copies I had the chance to ask Seth some Questions please read on for his answers.

Here is something many of you would not know on my work that I keep for myself and sometimes sell I put the number 8 some where,Why you ask ? this was my mums birthday and I honor her and think of her when I see the Number 8.
On A sad note to this happy event I lost this necklace while in new york,I know now its not at the hotel so Im gathering someone at American airlines must be wearing it now,due to a bag search.
Seth Where do you think you will be in 5 years from Now?

Five years from now I would like to more hours to every day! But if that doesn't happen, I hope to be doing more of what I am already doing today. It is a pretty great gig now. I have so many ideas for projects, collaborations, and exhibitions already floating around my head, it would probably take five years to do them all. As for a second book, I have ideas about that too. But for the moment, I am savoring book number one.
Jen :
Seth What do you think about the Large Art retreat closing down In the USA, Do you think they will bounce back or are online classes having some affects on them? I am relatively new to the large art retreats and have not experienced first hand the changes that I have been hearing about. I imagine that the wide availability of online courses has had an impact but I also think that the problems are in part due to the state of our economy. There is a natural ebb and flow to all parts of the art world and these changes may be part of that too. It is my sense, however, that our community desires and needs connection and as a result, in the end, the retreats will always be available. They may look and feel different...but they will be here.

Seth Who have you not done a class with yet ,but would love to some day? (I told him to think carefully about this one but I guess he didn’t get my sense of humor to pick me LOL)
I will break 'the rules' and give you two. In the past, Gail Rieke held workshops in Japan which sounded spectacular. I have met Gail and I know that she would be a sensational teacher. I know that she will be part of an art tour there this year and in my dreams I will be going along. One day I would like to take a workshop with Jesse Reno. My artwork is often controlled and I think as an artist (and a person) it would do me well to have an opportunity to try painting from his approach. But I will honestly admit that I have hesitated because it seems so far outside my comfort zone.
Go to Seths Blog to see my featured day on his blog 31 artists...31 days. Spend every day of March with me at The Altered Page to meet the 31 spotlight artists in my book The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed. See their beautiful faces, read their 'quirky' bios written in their own words, see some of their art that led me to invite them to be a part of my book, and hear my story of what they each mean to me. Then click on over to their sites and see what they have to say about The Pulse of Mixed Media.Seth has a giveaway on his blog

ps I must say I kept this a secret for two years Seth thats along time LOL.