Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wrapt In Rocky 2012

I will be teaching at Wrapt In Rocky In Queensland 24th June till the 30th June 2012.
Enrollment close soon by the 1st May so get in quick to enroll go to Wrapt In Rocky 2012
It will be a awesome week were i will teach ice resin bezels, Metal etching,metal etched books.

It will be a week of fun and laughter,I promise LOL.Dont forget get in by the 1st May not long to go see you in the sunshine state.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Art n Soul

This post I wanted to share with you smiling faces of wonderful students and there amazing art they made in my class and the one I taught with Chris as well.

Tami and Marie, beautiful work girls.
Tami was on her wedding anniversary lets say Mike was keen for her to finish the night classes grr
Debs amazing bracelet so loved this one.

One of my youngest students ever Mayley and her mum,it so awesome to see young people loving art,Mayley even demo a bit for me on her book.

Dawn below rocks she is a amazing artist as well as a great mum,as I got to meet her boys after class.
Terri,who manager ed to take the second day of our class as she was sick the first day

Thanks everyone I had the most amazing time.One last post will be on the friends and fun of art n soul.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Art n Soul Virginia Beach 2012

How fun Art n Soul was at Virginia Beach, not only a beautiful location how close can you get to a beach I say. The view from our room, which I shared with 4 other woman, yes there was a shower roster Thanks Miss Jean, LOL.

Above were the lovely Margaret (left) and Theresa. Margaret knows to other Aussies down under and apparently they were on a Tim Holtz cruise together and Margaret mentioned doing a class with Jen Crossley in Virginia well who did I meet when I went to Perth last year to teach those two girls Christina and Martine small world I say.

These two were inseparable in class Like a old married couple,Amy (left) and Michelle.

Sophie came all the way from the united emirate and it was so great to finally meet her as we had talked online for a while, it was good to put a face to the name.

Michelle below stalked me for 4 classes yes a beggar for punishment I say.

Krystal who helped me in class with a gorgeous smile.
More happy Student yes I had a male in class good on you Chris for putting up with me.
This is only Day 1 Guys so a night class to come next.The etched book class was down,more classes to go.