Thursday, August 23, 2012

Industrial chic Blog Hop

I was honored to be asked to take apart in Susan Lenart Kazmer's Industrial Chic Blog Hop.  Below are the items I was sent to have a play with. 

So I dismantled one of the items and made it into a rusty book with mica and some found objects I had lying around (as you do ....).

For my next project I rusted up a part of the necklace and added one of the rhinestone pieces which I also rusted and added the resulting piece on to the front of an etched book I had previously made.  Mmmm, quite happy with this one .....

This project was dismantled and I added some mirror paint I have sort of fallen in love with.  I have added some images and voila .... here is what I came up with ....

Go to the to follow the rest of the blog hoppers and happy hopping!!!!!! (Oh and go get yourself some resin and have a play!!!!!).

Happy creating
Jen x