Saturday, October 27, 2012

The fun at Art n SOul Portland

 Portland Art n Soul,we were at a new venue this year The Red Lion on Hayden Island the view every morning was stunning.
 The first day of teaching was My etched book class.I was so proud of all my students there work really blew me away.They put up with my squeak of a  voice I was so worried I was about to lose it but it held together.
 Here is the lovely Diane's book up above and  Diane below .You know what I love about teaching its the sharing of knowledge Diane taught me a awesome technique, I learn alot from my students as well.
 Lovely work girls,feast your eyes on the students and there work below.

                  Karen's book was awesome the etching turned out so beautiful.

 This beautiful southern belle Suzanne McNeill how I love her an amazing artist and lady a real inspiration to me,and many others.
                Cindy so proud of what you did with your book the etching was beautiful.
                        Ms Sue Ellen what a lovely lady,I so loved how your book turned .

 Mother and daughter team,Sally and Janet.Above is Janet's stunning etching the patina is gorgeous.
Day 1 was over my voice was struggling but it held in there.It was off to the bar after class for a hot toddie to help this throat of course LOL.
PS: To all my friends Hot Toddie wasnt a guy at the bar either LOL. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr