Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ice Resin DT Project My First !

Here is my first piece for Ice Resin DT .
Im slightly excited.
Please go and check out the site I  know they have a offer on there for some of SLK awesome goodies.
I so love this piece I must say I love the bezels I was given to create this piece.
Ps Did I happen to mention Im slightly excited

Close up of the closure

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bird House Pendant

 Thought I would share with you a Birdhouse Pendant I made earlier this year.
Im so in love with my riveting tool since I could use it to add mini hinges to my art work.
 And what bird house would be complete without a Birds nest inside.I metal etched the house and constructed the house from scratch. I have some in my etsy store if you interested.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Art N SOUL part 2

 What can I tell you about Art N Soul I hope these photos can share with you the fun,the gorgoeus people who are there.Here is what I love.
                        I love how everyone comes together to show there love of art.
                        I love the sharing of idea.
                        I love how it gets my creative juices going for the students themselves.
                       I love the joy in  the students faces.
                        I Love the students work I feel so proud of each and everyones work.
                                  I love the look the students get in there eyes when they are creating.

 I love meeting wonderful people who I have seen online for years the gorgeous Helga from art chix .

 I love how Helen came all the way from England for her dream of going to a Art N SOUL
                                    I love how now Lisa and I are now friends from this event.

   I so loved getting to know Doris her and I are going to become trouble together in the future.
         I love how these two below was there first Art n Soul and they are going to be life long friends.
                               I loved the smile on Brodie's face while he was creating
  I love these crazy Tutors who are totally awesome people and who share there love and passion for   art and teaching.
     I love Melissa Cable a totally awesome tutor a wonderful teacher I did her Faux bone class.
 Im in love with Kari (On the Left) we are Siamese twins separated at Birth and brought together through Art N Soul. I love Deb such a gentle soul.
 I especially love the fun these people make me happy when we come together you make life long friends here.Art is good for the Soul.xxxx