Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hi Everyone,
Well my first ever video on my favorite tools is now on the Ice Resin Blog spot
I found this all very strange and the out takes would make a video on there own ,the laughing .My daughter Nicole helped me look good by editing it No mean feat that .
I have the tools I mentioned on my website
Please go and check it out and see what my Favorite tools are apart from myself that is.
The photo above is what I use to promote my self when I'm teaching.My good friend Jilly Van Ip  took this photo years ago I call it pick the tool LOL.Jilly is an amazing artist in her own right ,please check out her work as well.
Well dont forget to leave a comment on the ice resin site I would love to know what you think be kind LOL.


Fozzy said...

That looks like it could be John's shed! That was such a great class, got me started on metal etching and resin and you were such an awesome teacher. I had loads of fun! Well done on your video debut :)

Carol Dee, CZT said...

Great job on video! Enjoyed the visit!

Elizabeth said...

Love your Tool Time Talk!!! So very serious, girl!! Hugs!

lizzie said...

I really wanted to see the video but it looks like it is no longer available. Darn