Thursday, April 24, 2014

Im Sorry I have been Bad !!!!

 Hi I have been a very bad blogger!!!!
 I will try and lift my game so much has been going on,I have been teaching and have met some wonderful students both here and a far. I wanted to share with you some of what I have been up to.
I have brought out three more stamp plates with the  help of my BFF Kari Mc Knight Holbrook.
The first one is The Victorian Tag plate.This is made not  from red rubber unmounted but a Polymer rubber.This is a industrial strength polymer and is excellent especially for Metal Etching.The quality of the polymer is that it wont slip on the metal and actually grips,the advantage of this is if you don't get enough ink on the plate ,you can gentle lift the selected area put some more ink on then it will stick back in the same place.This is nearly impossible with red rubber.

Another of the pages I have inside of this Pendant necklace
This is one of the fabric page inside
This is the size of the smallest tag just 2 inches.I name this one after my Mum Jeanie who never got to see me teach and build a career in something that I love. This will be a class as well Im teaching this at Art is You in both Victoria Melbourne, St Kilda  and In NSW  near Sydney click here for details
16th August 2014

22nd August 2014

Im also teaching the same class at My favorite place to teach in the whole world yes a HUGE statement Jen you say but it really is
 257 S. Bridge St. Dimondale, MI 
October 17-19

To purchase the stamp you can go to my website. For International orders please contact me a
They are $20 plus postage .
Tomorrow I will show another new stamp plate.
Jen xx.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful tags. I love all the texture on Jeannie's tag, gorgeous!

Gigi @ Old world Patina