Friday, January 19, 2018

My Faux Daguerreotype case

So excited to be teach this soon My Faux Daguerreotype case, I will be teaching the process on how to mold and make this beauty.Im teaching it also which is exciting at a old photo studio so they can put there Daguerreotype they make in side the case.
Recently I have had inquiries to sell them at a old studio place in America also.All this hard work has paid off.
 This has been years and years of refining this case and project to teach and sell,I don't have the opportunity of having my own line,but if anyone wants to buy them contact me . Xx

So Excited  after all these years it came together


Squiddy said...

Hooray for your perseverance. May it prove a profitable-rewarding experience.

Diana said...

Hi Jen - I love the new daguerreotype case! How can I purchase one or more?